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 Chapter 29 - Book Smart
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

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Chapter 29 - Book Smart

JTC tells Slater, “They didn’t accept your offer!” Slater tells him that he knew they wouldn’t. Danny enters and tells Slater that he demands that he Vents Dragon Knight, “He Vented my brother!” Slater tells Danny that no one touches Dragon Knight until the others are Vented! “Dragon Knight is the weakest! Get rid of the strongest and then the weakest!” Danny tells him that he’s going after Dragon Knight, whether he likes it or not and leaves. Slater tells JTC to give him his Advent Deck. JTC is confused and hands over the Deck. Slater’s hand goes through JTC’s chest and pulls out the Sting Advent Deck and merges it with the Strike Deck. JTC is on the floor holding his chest in pain. Slater laughs “The conversion should be complete. I designed the Strike, Sting, and Thrust Decks to merge with each other to form an unstoppable beast!” JTC asks Slater, “Who has the Thrust Deck?” Slater glares at him, “Who do ya think?” JTC clenches his fists, “Len!” Slater tells JTC that they will worry about Len later, “Vent Axe!”

Maya tells them JTC’s not Strike. Kase steps forward and tells her to explain the phone call and the ambush. Kit tells Maya that she never told JTC about Len’s and Kase’s father, “How would he know about it?” Maya tells him that JTC is a hacker, “Maybe he did more investigating.” Len tells Maya that their father wouldn’t be on any US Government Records. Kit asks Maya how she even knows him. Maya looks away when Kit grabs her and turns her around, “What’s going on, Maya? Who is JTC?” Maya begins to tear, “I never wanted you to find out.” Kit steps back and looks at her.

Maya tells Kit that JTC is an old boyfriend and that she was arrested for 10 months because they used to hack government computers. Kase and Len are shocked and Trent’s mouth drops. Kit is furious, “You were arrested? For 10 months! And you never told me?” Maya tells Kit that she’s sorry. Kit tells Maya, “Don’t be, because we are done. I’ll find out on my own if JTC is Strike!” The three leave. Maya begins to cry and runs over to the computer. Trent and Maya start deleting the Rider Files out of her computer when someone grabs Maya’s arm from pressing the delete button, “Not so fast!”

JTC squeezes Maya’s arm. “James, you’re hurting me! Let go!” Trent goes to stop him but JTC kicks Trent in the stomach and Trent goes flying into a wall and is knocked out. JTC throws Maya into a table and transforms into Strike and grabs her laptop, “I’ll take that!” Maya begins to scream at him, “I TRUSTED YOU! You said you wanted me back in your life!” Strike takes out his Final Vent Advent Card, “One of my many defects, I’m a liar! Now that you know who I am, I’m gunna have to Vent you and your friend!”

At the base, Len tells Kit that he was harsh on Maya. Kit tells Len that she deserved it, “Wouldn’t you be upset if you found out your girlfriend led a whole different life that you never knew about?” Len tells Kit that he can’t blame him. Kase is secretly smirking, being satisfied that Kit and Maya are done. Kit tells Len that he’s gunna take a walk and leaves. Kase follows him. Len sits down at a table and pulls out the Camo, Thrust, Incisor, Torque, and Spear Decks and examines them. Xaviax is watching him through a mirror.

Kit is walking when Danny confronts him, “You’re gunna pay for Venting Albert!” Kit tells Danny that he’s not in the mood and keeps walking. Danny transforms into Axe and summons his Strike Vent. Kit sighs and transforms into Dragon Knight and summons his Sword. Axe strikes Dragon Knight but Dragon Knight blocks the hits with his Sword. Axe jumps in the air and strikes Dragon Knight. Axe: “Now you’re gunna get what Albert got!” Siren arrives and kicks Axe in the back. Axe battles Siren. Axe is hurt and tells them that he’s not done and that he’ll get his revenge and leaves. Dragon Knight and Siren hear another battle sound and run off. Siren: “Let’s go to work!”

Maya asks Strike, “How’d you become so evil?” Strike tells Maya, “I was arrested again for hacking, Xaviax pulled me into a mirror and offered me an Advent Deck and protection. The rest is history!” Strike inserts his Final Vent Advent Card in his Scepter when Wing Knight, Siren and Dragon Knight jump out of a mirror and kick Strike. Siren tells Maya to grab Trent and stand back, “This can get ugly!” Strike blasts at the Riders. The Riders duck the blast and the blast shatters the front window sending glass flying into the street. Maya takes Trent and ducks behind the front desk.

Siren slashes Strike into a wall. The wall breaks and Strike lands in the front room. Strike uses his Sword and strikes Siren into a bookshelf, knocking it over. Dragon Knight slashes Strike in the back but Strike does a back flip and kicks Dragon Knight in the back sending him flying into the front door, making it come off its hinges. Wing Knight grabs Strike’s arm but Strike throws Wing Knight on to the front desk knocking over a computer. Siren throws a couch at Strike but Strike dodges it and the couch hits the wall, breaking it. Wing Knight and Strike jump on top of a bookshelf. Strike kicks Wing Knight making him fall into a table, splitting it in half. Dragon Knight kicks Strike in the back making him fly into a window, shattering it. Strike fires at Dragon Knight but he ducks down and the blast blows up the entire back wall. The entire bookstore is trashed. Strike grabs the laptop and escapes through a mirror.

Maya grabs Dragon Knight’s arm, “You were right, JTC is Strike. He only wanted the Rider Files on my laptop.” Dragon Knight looks around and tells Maya that she better get a good contractor and leaves through a mirror with the others. Maya kicks the front desk and it collapses. Trent wakes up and sees the bookstore destroyed, “What the heck happened?”

It’s nighttime in Ventara where Kase, Len, and Kit are sleeping. Kit hears creaking of floorboards upstairs in the attic and goes to check it out. Kit gets out of bed when hands come from underneath his bed and drag him under!

Next Week on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection…everything is about to change! One shocking Chapter that you don’t want to miss that will leave you shocked! It’s all here on KamenConnection on the shocking Season Finale of Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection!

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