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 Chapter 28 - Spearing the Axe
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 28 - Spearing the Axe

The next day, Kase, Len, and Kit walk into Grace’s Books. Maya runs over to Kit and hugs him. Kit tells Maya that the Kamen Riders can handle the government. The Cho Brothers walk into the store and Maya screams at them to get out! Kase tells Maya to calm down, “They just want to buy books.” The Cho’s show them their Advent Decks. Kase, Len, and Kit take a couple steps back. Kit: “You’re the one that shot me!” Kase steps in front of Kit, “He shot you! I miss everything when I’m gone!” Danny tells Kit that he’s sorry, “I traded my gun for an Advent Deck.” Albert tells them that it’s time to play. Kit, Len, Kase and Danny walk through a mirror causing Trent’s mouth to drop. Albert transforms into Spear and walks into Ventara. Trent asks Maya, “What was that?” Maya sighs and tells Trent to come in the back so they can talk when Michelle walks in, “Hello Maya!”

Maya and Trent tell Michelle to leave. Michelle tells them that she’s not going anywhere and sits down on a couch. Michelle takes out Maya’s camera and the Flash Drive. Maya grabs her camera, “How’d you get this?” Michelle tells Maya to calm down. “Because Taylor and his friends keep escaping, I’ve been fired.” Michelle tells Maya that she wants $1 million. “You give me $1 million and the camera and the Flash Drive are yours.” Maya asks Michelle if she is blackmailing her. Michelle tells Maya that she wouldn’t call it blackmailing, but a negotiation. “I want my money by the end of the month or there will be much more trouble for Kit and his friends, once I release these files.” Michelle tells Maya that she’ll back by at the end of the month to collect her money and leaves. Trent asks Maya how they are going to get that much money? Maya tells Trent that she has no idea.

Axe and Spear split up. Axe is running through the park when Siren jumps down from a tree, “Hello!” and slashes him with her Blanc Visor. Axe uses his Strike Vent and goes to attack Siren but Wing Knight uses his Sword and blocks the hits. Spear is at the harbor when Dragon Knight stops him. Spear summons his Spin Vent. The two Riders battle. Spear runs away from Dragon Knight and Axe runs away from Siren and Wing Knight and jump through a mirror. Axe: “That should weaken them!” Siren tells Wing Knight that Axe retreated too easily and that something is up.

Kit, Kase, and Len return to the Bookstore. Kit sees that Maya doesn’t look so well. Kase asks Maya what’s wrong? Maya tells them that it’s Michelle. Len asks her if she came back for Kit. Maya tells him no, “She came back to blackmail me!” Maya tells them that Michelle stole her camera that has a picture of Kit transforming into Dragon Knight and she has files from her laptop about the Kamen Riders. “She wants $1 million at the end of the month, or the whole world, not just the government will know about the Kamen Riders.” Len asks Maya on how they are going to get that money? Kit tells her that the Kamen Riders have to finish her off. Kase tells Kit that they can’t kill her! Trent gets all nervous, “What if she made copies of the picture and files? This is bad! If Michelle releases these anonymously, we can go to jail!” Kase tells Trent, “Thanks, Captain Obvious!”

JTC calls the Bookstore. Maya picks up when JTC says that he needs to talk to Len. Maya tells Len that it’s for him with a confused look on her face. Kase asks who would be calling Len. Maya tells her that it’s JTC, an old friend of hers that was a hacker / spy. Maya puts the phone on speaker. JTC: “Len, this is JTC, look I have some information about your dad, I think I found him. He’s at Gramercy Industrial Center.” JTC hangs up the phone. Maya tells them that she told JTC about the Kamen Riders and he can be trusted. Len and Kase run out the door. Kit tells Maya that he wants to meet this JTC and runs after Kase and Len.

Len, Kase, and Kit arrive at the Industrial Center. Len and Kase run in, but Kit grabs them and tells them that it smells like one of Xaviax’s traps. Len tells Kit that his father could be inside. Kase agrees with Len and the three run inside. Kase and Len run inside and see their father in a wheelchair. Len runs to retrieve his father, when Strike steps forward, “Not today, Batman!” and kicks Len in the chest. Kit is pulled in a mirror by Axe and Spear. Kit transforms into Dragon Knight and the Riders summon their weapons. “I knew this was a trap!”

Siren does a summersault over Strike and grabs her father. Wing Knight holds Strike in a choke hold and tells Siren to get out of here. Strike summons Venosnaker and blasts at Siren. Siren is hit and Strike grabs the wheelchair. Wing Knight punches Strike and grabs his father. Dragon Knight strikes Axe who goes flying into the warehouse. Spear jumps in front of Wing Knight and gets the wheelchair and gives it to Strike. Strike runs away. Siren and Wing Knight run after him.

Strike runs into Gramercy Heights Park. Siren sideswipes Strike and then strikes him with her Sword. Wing Knight summons his Final Vent when Strike steps in front of his father, “You Vent me and you say goodbye to your father! Xaviax has a proposition for you! If you join Xaviax and stay out of the way and Vent Dragon Knight, your father will be healed!” Wing Knight puts his Final Vent Advent Card away. Siren goes to grab her father but Strike jump kicks her and leaves through a mirror with their father, “I’ll take that as a no!” Siren punches the ground. Wing Knight tells her that they’ll get him back one day, “C’mon! We got to help Kit!”

Axe strikes Dragon Knight with his Axe and pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card, “Say goodnight school boy!” Dragon Knight slashes Axe with his Sword and summons his Final Vent and aims for Axe. Spear pushes Axe out of the way and takes the hit. The blow pushes Axe into another mirror and Spear is Vented. Axe tries to save his brother but the mirror is blocked. Axe screams, “I will get my revenge on you Dragon Knight! Mark my words!”

Kase and Len see Kit looking at the ground. Kit tells them that he Vented Kamen Rider Spear. Kit: “I guess you didn’t get your father.” Len and Kase look down. Kit tells them that JTC has to be Strike, this was one big trap. Kit picks up Spear’s Advent Deck. Len agrees and the three run off.

Kit and the others tell Maya that they want to meet JTC. Len tells her that it was one big trap. Kase tells her that they were ambushed by Spear, Axe, and Strike. Kit tells Maya that he thinks that Strike is JTC. Maya tells him that it can’t be. Len asks Maya if she told JTC about his father. Maya: “All I know is that your father is captured but all I told him about you guys were that you were brother and sister and were helping Kit.” Kit grabs Maya, “It all makes sense. Strike is this JTC!” Kit smirks and tells Maya that he has a plan.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: A Secret tears Maya and Kit apart. JTC makes his move. An epic battle takes place at Grace’s Books. Someone goes after Kit.

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