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 Chapter 27 - Re-Confined
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 27 - Re-Confined

Kit tells Michelle the truth. Michelle tells Kit that they want to see what he and his friends are capable of. Kit screams, “You’re a liar! Leave them alone! You said that I could be free once I told you the truth!” Michelle tells him that they need all the Riders. Kit is hauled away to a holding cell.

JTC arrives at Xaviax’s lair and punches the wall, “Torque was mine! I was supposed to Vent him!” Xaviax walks in, “More reasons to Vent Wing Knight.” Danny and Albert walk in, “When can we get back in action? We’ve been doing nothing!” Xaviax grabs Danny by the collar and lifts him up, “Today! All three of you! Time to get my brother and sister out of the way!” Danny, Albert and JTC leave when Onyx jumps through a mirror. Xaviax: “Long time no see!” Onyx gives Xaviax the Rider Daggers. Xaviax takes the Daggers and plugs them into his DNA Computer. The Computer tells Xaviax that the computers are now at 85%. Onyx tells Xaviax that Kamen Riders CHiCA and Dragon-Fist are Vented. Xaviax laughs and tells Onyx that it won’t be long now, “Earth shall soon be mine!”

Kase and Len walk into Grace’s Bookstore. Kase: “You hang out at a bookstore? How depressing!” Maya runs over to Len and tells him that the Government captured Kit again! Maya sees Kase, “Who are you?” Len tells Maya, “This is Kase, my sister. Kase, this is Maya, Kit’s girlfriend.” Kase gives Maya a dirty look, “So you’re Maya…” Len tells Maya that they will rescue Kit. Len and Kase leave and hop on their motorcycles. Kase and Len arrive at the jail and transform. Wing Knight and Siren go to jump through a mirror when Axe and Spear block it, “Going somewhere?”

Michelle is talking with her boss on how she captured “Xaviax” and is trying to capture his Riders when an Official tells them that Kamen Riders are outside. Michelle tells him that it must be Xaviax’s Friends. The boss yells at her to bring them in!

Axe strikes Siren in the chest when Strike arrives. “This war is getting old!” Spear summons his Attack Vent. Wing Knight and Siren battle the Gazelles but the Gazelles are too strong. Strike, Axe, and Spear triple team the two and the Riders are down. Spear’s herd of Gazelles disappear. Xaviax and Onyx are watching the battle through a mirror.

Strike fires acid at Siren but Siren uses her Cape and spins in the air making the acid hit Spear. Axe summons his Strike Vent but Siren kicks Axe, sending him into a wall, making a dent in the cement. Siren and Wing Knight jump through the jail mirror. Siren and Wing Knight are running through the jail and see Kit in his cell. Kit yells at them to leave, “This is a trap! They are gunna capture you!” Siren tells Kit not to worry. Siren and Wing Knight slash the bars off with their Sword Vents and Kit is freed. Michelle walks in holding Kit’s Advent Deck, “Leaving so soon?” Wing Knight and Siren grab Michelle and she drops the Deck. Kit grabs the Deck and transforms. Siren uses her Guard Vent. The feathers blind Michelle and the three Riders escape.

Danny, Albert, and JTC return to Slater who has man in a wheelchair. JTC asks Slater who’s the guy. Slater tells him that this is his father, the same father for Len and Kase. JTC: “Why doesn’t he speak?” Slater tells him that he drained his life energy. “Time to strike back against the family! I am sure that this offer is one that Kase and Len won’t refuse!”

Michelle tells her boss that “Xaviax” escaped. Her boss tells her that it’s time to move on from Xaviax and the Riders, “They are too strong. We have bigger issues. Like making you clean up your office, You’re fired!” Michelle cleans her office and gets in her car. Michelle takes out the Flash Drive and Maya’s camera. “This isn’t the end, far from it!”

In Ventara, Kit has a dream: Kit hears bells ringing and follows the sound when it leads him to a graveyard and sees something glowing. Kit follows the light and sees its Wing Knight’s Advent Deck. Kit begins digging through the dirt when he finds a coffin. Kit opens the coffin and finds Len, dead. Hands come out of graves and are trying to grab Kit. Kit wakes up and looks over at a sleeping Len, “I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I promise!”

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Xaviax has tempting offer for Len and Kase. Michelle blackmails Maya. Trent learns about the Kamen Riders. Another Rider is sent to the Void.

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