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 Chapter 26 - Kase Closed
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 26 - Kase Closed

Onyx finds the Mission, the Rider Daggers! CHiCA and Dragon-Fist try to stop Onyx from grabbing the Daggers. Onyx summons his Strike Vent and blasts the two and takes the Daggers and leaves. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist run after him. The three Riders hop out of the fire pit when CHiCA and Dragon-Fist tell him to drop the Daggers! Onyx laughs, “Once the General has these, no one will be safe! Say good night!” CHiCA and Dragon-Fist try to get out of the way but Onyx uses the Daggers and Vents them. Onyx grabs their Advent Decks and leaves.

The next day, Michelle and the Officials are inside a van watching the Bookstore in case Kit shows. Michelle secretly leaves the van. Maya is in the Bookstore putting up security cameras in case the Cho’s come back and calls Kit, “I hope he gets reception in Ventara!” Kit answers his phone and Maya tells Kit that he can come back to Earth, the authorities aren’t looking for him. Kit tells Maya that he’ll be right over. Kit tells Len and Kase that they called off the search. Len gives him a high five and Kase hugs Kit. Kit runs off to see Maya.

Michelle sneaks in through the backdoor and takes Maya’s camera. Michelle takes out a Flash Drive and inserts it into Maya’s laptop and downloads the Rider Files and leaves. Kit arrives at Grace’s Books and kisses Maya. Maya tells Kit that she missed him. Kit laughs and tells her that he missed her too when a customer walks in. Maya tells Kit, “You have 3 days to make up, I’m on break!” Michelle sees Officials running into the Bookstore and runs after them.

Len and Kase are in the base when Kase asks Len if he used the truth chair on Drew which Len replies yes. Kase runs over to the chair and flips it over, “Well this explains everything.” Len runs over, “The wires are frayed.” Kase tells Len that Drew rigged the testing. Len sees a red laser coming towards them and throws Kase out of the way and dodges it and transforms into Wing Knight. Kase transforms into Siren. More red lasers fire at them. The two Riders block it with their Sword Vent. Siren yells, “Come out and fight!” Torque steps out, “Hello, Riders! It’s Venting Time!” Wing Knight: “DREW!” Torque tells them, “I wanted to wait a little longer, once Axe and Spear were Vented. But I’ll start with you two!” Siren: “I knew you were a traitor!”

Torque fires his Launch Vent at Siren and sends her flying into the monitors, sending sparks fly. Wing Knight slashes Torque in the back. Torque pants “I got so close to you that I know all your moves! All your Attack Points!” Wing Knight: “You’re a low life!” Wing Knight clenches his fists and his body begins to shake in rage. Siren and Wing Knight charge at Torque with their Guard Vents. Torque kicks Wing Knight in the stomach, sending him flying backwards. Siren does a cartwheel in the air and lands behind Torque and kicks him into a wall.

Wing Knight summons his Sword Vent (2,000 Attack Points). Torque memorized the Attack Points and summons his Shoot Vent (3,000 Attack Points) and shoots Wing Knight. Wing Knight flies through the air and lands on a table. Siren summons her Sword Vent (2,000 Attack Points). Torque laughs, “My Vents are 100% stronger!” and shoots Siren. The two Riders are hurt and “run away” which causes Torque to run after them, “Get back! I’m not done with you!”

Kit and Maya are working when the Officials walk in with Michelle. “We’ve come for Taylor!” Maya is shocked, “What? Michelle said that the search was called off!” Michelle steps forward, “And you fell for it! Now get Taylor!” Kit holds out his Advent Deck when the Officials push Maya out of the way and spray Kit with a sleep spray and haul him off. Maya screams that they can’t do this! Michelle laughs, “See ya, Maya!” Kit is thrown in the back of the van and is gone.

Later, Kit wakes up and is brought into a questioning room with Michelle. Kit asks Michelle what he needs to do for them to leave him alone! Michelle tells Kit that they just want to talk to him about the disappearances and the Kamen Riders. “We are concerned for everyone’s safety. And by you escaping, it proves that you are guilty of something.” Michelle sighs, “We want to know what kind of threat that you pose to the world. And if we decide that you are telling the truth, we will work with you to help stop Xaviax!” Kit laughs, “You’re lying! You are going to twist my words and tell everyone that I’m really Xaviax to make your pathetic life better! I need to be out there defending Earth!” Michelle tells her men to put Kit in his cell. Kit gets up and pushes the Officials off of him and tells Michelle that he’ll tell her everything this time.” Michelle smirks, “The truth shall set you free, I promise you that with every fiber of my being.”

Siren and Wing Knight jump down a shoot and land in a holding port where their motorcycles are. A wall turns into a gigantic mirror. Torque jumps down the shoot and fires at them. Siren and Wing Knight rev their cycles and drive through the mirror. Torque summons Magnugiga who transforms into his Torque Cycle and rides after them. Siren and Wing Knight park their cycles in a warehouse and devise a plan. Torque arrives in an alleyway when Siren runs up to him. Torque summons his Attack Vent. “Once I Vent you, I’ll every other Rider!” Siren starts backing away and trips. Torque laughs and inserts in Magnu-Visor into Magnugiga’s back. Siren yells, “LEN! NOW!” Wing Knight comes from behind and Final Vents Torque. Torque drops his Magnu-Visor and drops to his knees. “How can this be? I escaped from the Void once and I’ll do it again!” Torque is Vented. Wing Knight picks up Torque’s Advent Deck.

Strike arrives and thanks them for Venting Torque for him. “Now I can move on and Vent you!” and points to Wing Knight. Siren goes to charge at Strike, but Wing Knight grabs her. Strike leaves. Siren: “I have a feeling that something is wrong with Kit!” Wing Knight tells her that they need to look for him. Siren and Wing Knight run off to find Kit.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Kit fesses up to Michelle. Xaviax has the Rider Daggers. Wing Knight and Siren try to re-save Kit. Xaviax decides to strike back against his family.

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