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 Chapter 25 - The Knight It All Began
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 25 - The Knight It All Began

The three return to the base when Kit tells them that he can’t believe that Strike Vented Chris and that there was still good inside Chris. Len tells Kit that he can’t save them all. Kase is quiet when Len asks her what’s wrong. Kase tells them that she has to go somewhere and leaves.

Michelle is in her office thinking about Kit and Maya and asks herself was it worth it to sell out Kit and ruin his life so her life could be better? Michelle is called into her boss’ office. Her boss tells her that she has 24 hours to re-capture Kit Taylor or she is relieved of her duties. Michelle tells him that she needs more time! Her boss screams at her, “24 HOURS!” Michelle moans and tells her boss to leave everything to her!

Since Kit quit his job at Grace’s Bookstore, Maya hired her friend, Trent, to help her around the store. Maya is in the back looking at a picture of her and Kit and begins to cry. Tears fall on Kit’s face. Maya tells herself that it’s all her fault and that if she kept her mouth shut none of this would have happened. Trent asks her if she is OK. Maya tells him that she’s fine and that she’s going to take a walk.

JTC returns to Xaviax, “Sting got Stung” Xaviax laughs, “Excellent work, James” JTC has a sad look on his face when Xaviax asks if there is something bothering him. JTC says that Drew is still out there and that if only he could Vent that traitor. Xaviax tells him to relax and that Drew’s day will come. JTC remembers about Maya and leaves through a mirror.

Maya is sitting on a bench thinking of all the good times she had with Kit when JTC walks up to her wearing his motorcycle helmet. JTC asks her if they can talk in private. Maya tells him sure and follows him behind some trees and bushes. JTC takes off his helmet and tells Maya that it’s nice to see her again. Maya looks away at him. JTC apologizes to her but Maya buts in, “Save it, you left me in jail, remember?” JTC thinks back…

JTC and Maya were a couple and used to hack government computers for information. The Cops were tipped off and arrested Maya and JTC. JTC told the police that Maya was the one who hacked the systems and he was trying to stop her. JTC told Maya that if she admitted that she was the one who hacked the systems, he’d find a way to get her out of jail with no jail time or any charges. Maya agreed but JTC never came for her and Maya was arrested for 10 months until she was released for good behavior.

Maya tells JTC because of him she’s on probation for 10 years and starts to walk away when JTC stops her, and apologizes to her again and gets down on his knees, “Maya please, let me be back in your life again, I know I messed up, but please, give me a second chance.” Maya begins to cry because she is sad about Kit and hugs JTC. Maya tells JTC that he can meet her at the bookstore around 9 o’clock when they close and walks away. JTC smirks and walks in the opposite direction.

Drew is in an abandoned warehouse writing stuff down in a notebook. Kase is spying on him, hiding behind a pole. Inside the notebook, are the Rider’s statistics and their Vent’s Attack Points. Drew begins to smirk and marks a date on his phone titled “Venting Time.” Kase shakes her head, “Doing something Drew?” Drew startled, asks her what she wants. Kase tells Drew that he isn’t fooling anyone and that soon he will return to the Void. Drew puts his finger in Kase’s face, “I am sick and tired of being accused of being a traitor! I am here to help all three of you!” Kase hits Drew’s finger out of her face, “No, your just here to help yourself! If I were you, I’d leave this war and go back to your normal and pathetic life!” Drew laughs, “Never gunna happen, Kase. Now I have some real work to do, unlike you, who is just spying on me because Kit won’t pay attention to you!” Kase asks Drew what’s that supposed to mean? Drew laughs again, “Oh come on, Kase! I’ve seen you look at Kit, the glow in your eyes every time you see him! But it kills you inside to know that you can’t have him, because Maya has Kit’s heart!” Kase asks who’s Maya. Drew whispers in her, “Kit’s girlfriend! Ha, see ya on the battlefield!” Drew leaves, leaving a steaming Kase behind.

Len is training on the roof when Kase walks up and tells Len that she needs to talk to him about Drew. Len curiously asks her what’s going on. Kase tells Len that she was spying on Drew and that they had an argument. “He has this notebook, with tons of numbers and diagrams of Advent Beasts. Something is seriously wrong with this dude, Len!” Len tells her that she shouldn’t have followed him. Kase asks Len why not? Len explains to Kase that if they are going to bring down Drew, then they have to be sneaky about it. Len sighs and tells her that he knows that something is up and that he confronted Drew before. Kase tells Len that they need to do more investigating. Len tells Kase that the first thing tomorrow morning, they’ll go searching for Drew. Kit arrives on the roof and tells Len and Kase that their TV Show is on.

Len, Kit and Kase are watching TV. Kase sighs, “I’ve seen this episode so many times! Why aren’t they showing new episodes!” Kit: “Uh, because all the actors and directors and writers are kidnapped by Xaviax?” Kase smiles, “Oh right, sorry.” Len turns off the TV and asks Kit how he became a Kamen Rider. “C’mon, I told you about how we became ones, now what about you?” Kit tells Len that it’s a long story. Kase says that she has time. Kit smiles at her and tells her that he’ll make it short and simple…

“Once Xaviax arrived on Earth, there was a secret school on Earth that trained people to become Kamen Riders that was called KamenConnection and only four people would be chosen to defend Earth. Me, CHiCA, Huy, and Adam were new comers and were assigned to the same group. We would train for hours on hours to become the best that there was. Me, CHiCA, Huy, and Adam were chosen to be Earth’s Kamen Riders. The Leaders gave us a testing Rider Form. I was given a Blank Advent Deck and transforms into a Blank Knight and I had to battle a holographic Spider Monster. I used my Sword Vent and defeated the Monster. Once I passed the simulator, I was given a Contract Card to become a real Kamen Rider. I was given an Advent Deck and became Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Len asks who is Adam? Kit says quietly, that Adam was Vented by one of Xaviax’s Robotic Kamen Riders. Kase tells Kit that she’s sorry. Len changes the subject and laughs, “Wow, it was a whole lot easier for us to become Kamen Riders.” Kit laughs too, “Yea, wasn’t easy becoming a Kamen Rider. I still have some scars” Kit begins to lift up his shirt when Len stops him, “I don’t need any visuals.” Kase leans in closer, “I’d like to see them.” Kit laughs nervously.

Grace’s Bookstore closes for the night and Trent goes home, when Michelle walks in. Maya tells Michelle that they are closed and tells her to leave. Maya opens the door for her, “Don’t let it hit you on the way out!” but Michelle angrily slams the door, “Actually, I am sure that you might want to hear this. My boss told me that they are calling off the search for Kit and that he can come back to Earth now.” Maya: “Seriously? He’s free from the government!” Maya hugs Michelle and opens the door for her when Michelle asks Maya, “When are you gunna tell Kit the good news?” Michelle tells Maya that she should call Kit early in the morning and leaves. Michelle gets in her car and remembers that Maya told her a while ago that she has a picture of Kit transforming into Dragon Knight. “Just in case, things don’t work out!” Michelle gets out of her car and heads back to the Bookstore. Michelle is going to walk into the back room but sees JTC coming and hides behind a dumpster. JTC arrives through the back door, “Chinese food, anyone?”

Maya and JTC are watching a movie when JTC asks Maya what she’s been up to. Maya tells JTC if she can trust him with a secret. JTC leans in closer and asks her what’s the secret? Maya asks JTC if he ever heard of a Kamen Rider. JTC leans forward “No, but please, do tell.” Maya tells JTC about Xaviax, Kit, Drew, Len, the disappearances, and everything else about the Kamen Riders. JTC tells her that he’s very interested in these Kamen Riders and to keep him updated. Maya takes out her camera and shows JTC the picture of Kit transforming into Dragon Knight. JTC’s eyes grow wide and tells her impressive. Maya shows JTC, files on her computer that she has about the Kamen Riders. JTC smirks when Maya asks JTC what he’s up to. JTC tells her not much, just… “Can I tell you something, Maya?” Maya says sure. JTC tells her that while Maya was in jail, JTC continued to hack computers, he was arrested but he escaped. “I’m a wanted man, Maya. It’d be best if you don’t tell anyone about our little meetings.” Maya tells him that his secret is safe with her and JTC tells her the same for hers. JTC tells her that he needs to leave and kisses her cheek and walks out. Maya blushes and pulls out a picture of her and JTC when they were dating. Michelle is watching Maya through the backdoor and sees her camera with the picture of Dragon Knight on it. JTC contacts Xaviax and tells him that he may have found what they are looking for.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Onyx gets to the Rider Daggers before CHiCA and Huy! Kit is re-captured by Michelle. Drew’s plans backfire when Len and Kase find out the truth.

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