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 Chapter 24 - A Stinging Strike
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 24 - A Stinging Strike

The four Riders arrive in the base and power down when Len runs over to Kase and begins to cry. Len clutches on to Kase, and closes his eyes shut “I thought I’d never see you again!” Kase tells Len that she felt the same. Len asks her if she saw their father inside the lair. Kase tells Len that she couldn’t find him. Len looks away when Kase runs over and hugs Kit, “I missed you so much, Kit!” Kit tells her that he missed her too. Kase looks at Drew who’s standing in the corner and struts over to him crossing her arms, “What are you doing here?” and holds out her Advent Deck. Len stops her and tells her that Drew is on their side now. Kase gives Drew a dirty look, “So he says” and walks away from him. Kit remembers that he has to do something and runs off. Drew tells Len and Kase that he’ll let them catch up and leaves as well.

Kit sneaks in through the backdoor of the Bookstore where Maya is blogging. Maya sees Kit and runs up to hug and kiss him. Kit pushes her away and tells her that they can’t be together. Maya starts to stutter and asks what he is talking about. Kit tells Maya that Michelle knows about the Kamen Riders and that she claims that he is Xaviax. Kit tells Maya that he escaped from jail, he’s a wanted man. It’s too risky to be a couple at the moment. Kit tells Maya that he quits and that he can’t return to Earth or he’ll be arrested or worse. Maya begins to cry when Kit wipes the tears off her face and leaves through a mirror. Maya smashes things in the back room, and squeezes her fists, “I will make Michelle pay!”

Chris is in the park sitting on a bench when JTC arrives. Chris asks him what he wants. JTC tells Chris that Xaviax no longer what’s Chris in his army and that he was told to take him out. Chris laughs, “You’re joking right?” JTC pulls out his Advent Deck and transforms into Strike. Chris’ smile quickly fades away and holds out his Advent Deck and transforms into Sting. The two run through a mirror and prepare for battle. Strike summons his Sword Vent and strikes Sting. Sting uses his Swing Vent and whips Strike in the face. Axe and Spear jump out of a mirror and help Strike. Sting: “What the? My entire team is turning against me!” Axe uses his Axe and hits Sting in the back. Sting screams in pain that echoes through Ventara.

Michelle walks into Graces Books and demands to know where Kit is. Maya tells Michelle that she better get lost or else. Michelle tells Maya that Kit escaped from police custody, he needs to be brought in! Michelle laughs in Maya’s face and asks her what’s she gunna do. “You’re gunna blog about me? Call me names? Pathetic!” Maya hauls off and smacks Michelle in the face. Michelle holds her cheek and smacks Maya right back. Maya grabs Michelle’s hair and Michelle squeezes Maya’s nose. The two start fighting in the bookstore. Maya jumps on Michelle and starts giving her a noogie when Michelle throws Maya off of her and starts kicking her. Maya takes books and throws it in Michelle’s face. A customer walks in and sees what’s going on, “Yea…that’s right, I can buy some pudding!” Maya and Michelle call him a weirdo and tell him to get out. The customer laughs nervously and runs out while two continue to fight.

Kase asks Len about CHiCA and Huy. Len tells her that they are still on their mission with Onyx after them. Kase tells him that she hopes they are OK, and asks Len how he is. Len tells her that he’s good and that it’s been kind of wild since she was gone. Kase tells Len that she can’t wait to hear it. Len and Kase hug again when Kit walks in and hides behind a pole and says to himself “Kase” and holds his hand over his heart and walks in when the monitor goes off and the three run to the scene. Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, and Siren arrive and watch Strike, Axe, and Spear battle Sting. Siren asks them what they are waiting for and jumps into battle. Wing Knight tries to stop her but Siren’s too quick.

Spear and Axe see Siren running towards them and battle her. Siren uses her Sword Vent and kicks Axe in the chest. Siren jumps backwards and lands behind Spear and slashes him in the back. Wing Knight runs into the battle when Spear summons his Attack Vent and 100 Gazelle Monsters attack Wing Knight. Strike kicks Sting in the stomach and elbows him in the back. Sting starts coughing and wheezing. Strike picks Sting up by the neck, “I don’t know why you even bothered returning from the Void!” Strike uses his Veno Visor and strikes Sting.

Dragon Knight and Siren see that Wing Knight is severely hurt and run over to him. Dragon Knight summons Dragreder. Dragreder bursts fireballs at the Gazelles and they all disappear. Sting kicks Strike in the stomach and manages to run away. Strike is angry, “He got away! Let’s go!” Strike, Axe, and Spear leave through a mirror. Dragon Knight goes to run after Sting when Siren asks him where he’s going. Dragon Knight tells him that Sting can be saved. Torque is hiding behind a bush examining them. Siren and Wing Knight run after Dragon Knight.

Maya and Michelle are in the back icing their wounds. Michelle looks in the mirror and tells Maya that it look’s like she’s been attacked by a rabid dog. Maya tells Michelle that she look’s like she just got ran over by a truck. The two start to laugh and make jokes. Maya tells Michelle that Kit’s not Xaviax, he’s just a teenager trying to save the world. Michelle confesses to Maya that she knows that Kit really isn’t Xaviax, “Think about it Maya, me capturing Xaviax! My life will become amazing!” Michelle sighs and tells Maya that she just wanted a better life for herself and used Kit to get it. Maya grabs Michelle’s shoulders and shakes her and tells her that she needs to tell the government that she lied. Michelle tells Maya that she can’t do that, “To risk my job? My career? I can’t do that Maya, for once in my life, I am happy!” Michelle leaves. Maya sighs and sits down icing her wounds.

JTC, Danny, and Albert arrive at Xaviax’s base. Xaviax fires at them and they duck the blast. Xaviax screams at the Cho’s that he told Strike to handle Sting. Danny tells Xaviax that they wanted to help him by keeping Dragon, Wing Knight and the bird chick away. Xaviax grabs Danny, “That chick is my sister!” The monitor shows Chris and JTC leaves through the mirror. Xaviax tells Danny and Albert to stand down. Strike is on his Strike Cycle and finds Chris. and fires at him. Strike: “Let’s finish this, Ramirez!” Chris brushes himself off and holds out his Advent Deck, “Kamen Rider!” Sting summons his Attack Vent. Evildiver transforms into his Sting Cycle and takes off.

Sting rides through Ventara with Strike firing lasers at him. Sting summons Jet Mode on his Cycle and flies away. Strike hops off his cycle and the cycle transforms into Venosnaker. Strike hops on and Venosnaker flies after him. Strike finds Sting and Venosnaker blasts acid at him. Sting loses control and crashes. Strike uses his Sword Vent and attacks Sting. Sting uses his Swing Vent but Strike breaks it with his Sword. “I always hated that Whip!” and kicks Sting in the stomach. Sting goes flying into a wall. Venosnaker flies around Strike. “Say goodnight, Chris!” Strike summons his Final Vent. Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, and Siren arrive and run to help Sting. Sting is Vented. All of a sudden, Sting’s Advent Deck begins to glow. Strike picks it up and his body surges with Power. Strike falls to his knees and grabs his head. The Sting Advent Deck disintegrates. Strike tells Dragon Knight another day and leaves.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: JTC gets closer to Maya. Kit tells Len and Kase about the day he became a Kamen Rider.

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