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 Chapter 23 - Jailhouse Battle
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 23 - Jailhouse Battle

At Xaviax’s lair, Kase and others are in line for their DNA to be drained. Kase tries to look for her father but a Minion pushes her forward to keep moving. Kase decides to make a run for it before it’s too late. Kase kicks the Minion that is guarding her in the gut and runs off. Some Minions take out blasters and start shooting Kase. Kase ducks the blasts and jumps through a mirror. Kase rolls into Xaviax’s main room where she sees her Advent Deck, “My Advent Deck!” Kase goes to grab it but Slater grabs her wrist, “I don’t think so.”

Kase demands that Slater let go of her. Slater tells her fat chance and begins dragging her away back towards the draining line. Kase twists Slater’s ear and Slater lets go of her, screaming in pain. Kase: “You always were sensitive there.” Kase grabs her Advent Deck and transforms into Kamen Rider Siren. Slater smirks and transforms into Xaviax, “If it’s a battle you want, than a battle you shall get!” Siren summons her Sword Vent, “Let’s go, bro!” Xaviax charges at Siren and kicks and punches her but his attacks are blocked by her Sword. Siren jumps in the air and slashes Xaviax, sending him flying onto a lab table, sending sparks fly everywhere. Siren goes to finish him but Xaviax gets up and kicks her in the chest sending her skidding across the floor. Xaviax goes to grab her again but Siren kicks him in the stomach. Siren jumps through the mirror and escapes. Xaviax summons his Minions to go after her!

Onyx makes it to the top of the mountain where the map ends. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist arrive and battle when the mountain begins to shake. The top of the mountain explodes and reveals a fire pit. The pit starts to suck the three Riders inside. Onyx, CHiCA, and Dragon-Fist land in the fire pit when CHiCA and Huy are unconscious again. Onyx leaves to continue the mission and contacts Xaviax, “I’m almost done, General!”

Len and Drew are on their motorcycles when Axe and Spear with their Rider Cycles fire lasers at them. Len looks in his side-view mirror and tells Drew that they are under attack. Strike and Sting arrive on their Cycles and ride next to Axe and Spear. Drew and Len try to lose the four of them but the four Riders split up and search for them.

Len and Drew park behind a warehouse and transform into Kamen Riders when Strike and Sting pull up. Sting uses his Swing Vent and grabs Wing Knight. Wing Knight uses his Sword Vent and slashes the Whip and Sting. Strike fires at Torque but Torque dodges it and summons his Launch Vent. Strike blocks the blast with his Sword and notices that Sting is a weak fighter and is losing to Wing Knight. Strike slashes Torque and jump kicks Sting to the ground and slashes Wing Knight. Wing Knight summons his Nasty Vent and Strike and Sting hold their heads, screaming in pain allowing Torque and Wing Knight to hop on their Cycles and ride off. Axe and Spear arrive when Strike tells them that they got away. Spear tells him not for long and speeds off with Axe.

Kit is sleeping when he has another nightmare: Len and Kit are walking into the base when drops of blood are falling on them from the ceiling. The two look up and see a knife in their backs with a shadow figure holding a bloody knife. A security guard wakes Kit up and tells him that it’s time for questioning. Kit is put into a room where men with guns are standing guard and all the mirrors are covered with sheets. Michelle enters the room and starts to question Kit. Kit sighs, “I knew I couldn’t have trusted you!” Michelle laughs, “So Kit, if that’s your real name, tell me. What more do you know about these… Kamen Riders?” Kit laughs, “This is your new job? Major step up from running a crappy little blog.” Kit tells Michelle and others about Xaviax, the Kamen Riders, and Ventara but makes everything up. Michelle thinks Kit is lying and that Kit is really Xaviax. Michelle gives Kit his Advent Deck and tells him to explain it. Kit: “Very good question Michelle, let me show you guys. Now you might want to step back.” Kit stands up and holds out his Advent Deck, “Kamen Rider!” The table and the chairs flip over from the transformation. “See ya!” Dragon Knight kicks down the door and runs out. Michelle is furious, “You made him get away!” The Guards run after Dragon Knight.

Kase returns to Earth. Siren fights the Minions with her Sword Vent and destroys them, “Let’s go Venting!” and rides off on her motorcycle.

Wing Knight and Torque arrive at the Government Jail. Torque and Wing Knight go to sneak in through the back when Axe slashes them. Torque: “Another Rider!” Spear comes from behind and slashes Torque in the back as well. Spear: “How about two Riders!” Strike and Sting arrive, “Don’t have all the fun without us!” and help Spear and Axe. Strike tells them that Torque is all his. Spear summons his Attack Vent and 100 Gazelle Monsters attack Wing Knight. The Gazelles ram, kick and punch Wing Knight, who can’t fend them off. Sting uses his Final Vent and strikes Wing Knight sending him flying in the air. Axe uses his Strike Vent and stabs Wing Knight in the stomach. Wing Knight drops to his knees, wheezing and pleads that he can’t take it anymore. Axe grabs Wing Knight by the arm, “Well then it looks like today your going to the Void!”

Dragon Knight is running through the jail where he is cornered by Government Officials. Dragon Knight clenches his fist and fights off the guards. One guard goes to swing at Dragon Knight but Dragon Knight ducks and punches the guard in the gut. A guard comes from behind and puts Dragon Knight in a choke hold. Dragon Knight elbows the guard in the gut and kicks him. The third guard goes to kick Dragon Knight but Dragon Knight grabs the guards leg and flips him over, “So much for being guards” and jumps through a mirror and lands outside where the battle is occurring.

Strike summons Venosnaker who attacks Torque but Dragreder appears and blasts at Strike and Venosnaker. Wing Knight: “Kit!” Axe and Spear grunt and attack Dragon Knight. Axe uses Axe and strikes Dragon Knight to the ground and steps on his chest. Spear kicks Dragon Knight towards Wing Knight and Torque, who are defeated, holding their stomachs. The four Riders pull out their Final Vent Advent Cards when Siren arrives on her Siren Cycle. Strike: “You! How’d you escape?” Wing Knight: “Kase! You’re back!” Spear summons his Attack Vent and 100 Gazelles charge towards Siren. Siren summons her Sword Vent and rides through the herd slashing them with her Sword, sending sparks everywhere. Spear uses his Spin Vent and strikes Siren off her cycle making her roll to the ground.

Spear and Axe charge at Siren from the front and behind but Siren does a back flip and Axe and Spear run into each other and bump heads. Strike grabs onto Siren’s cape but Siren kicks Strike and slashes him with her Sword sending him rolling to the ground. Sting’s Whip grabs onto Siren’s arm but Siren pulls the Whip towards her and sends Sting flying in the air. Siren jump kicks Sting and he falls. “Want some more?” The Dark Riders regroup. Michelle and the Guards arrive. The Guards use their blasters and start firing at the Riders. Wing Knight, Dragon Knight, Torque, and Siren regroup. The Guards run into arrest them all but Spear summons his Attack Vent. The Gazelles attack the Guards. Strike tells the Riders that it’s time to finish this war!

Torque uses his Shoot Vent and fires at Strike sending him flying into a window and Strike falls through a portal. Wing Knight slashes Sting in the stomach and uses his Trick Vent. 10 Wing Knights charge at Sting and slash him from all sides. Sting is weakened and jumps through a mirror, retreating. Dragon Knight summons his Sword Vent and blocks Axe’s Strike Vent. Dragon Knight summons his Strike Vent and sends Axe flying through a mirror and Axe disappears into the mirror. Siren dodges Spear’s kicks and punches and picks him up and throws him into the same mirror, “Adios, Horn Brains!” The Gazelle’s are ready to finish off the guards but disappear. The Guards go to arrest Siren, Torque, Dragon and Wing Knight but they all escape and jump through a mirror. Michelle sees Dragon Knight escape, “You can run, but you can’t hide, Taylor!”

Strike, Spear, Axe, and Sting roll into Xaviax’s lair. Xaviax tells Spear, Axe, and Sting that he would like to talk to Strike alone. Strike powers down, “Looks like we have another Rider against us! Kamen Rider Siren is back in the war!” Xaviax tells JTC that he can handle her on his own. Xaviax tells JTC that he noticed that Sting is a weak Rider and he wants him to take Sting out. JTC laughs, “You got it, boss!” and leaves.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Michelle is ruining Maya’s life on purpose. Strike and Sting face off in an epic battle.

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