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 Chapter 21 - Padlocked
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 21 - Padlocked

Michelle wakes up and starts to stumble around and calls someone, “I have exclusive details on the disappearances of the people in Gramercy Heights that you would die for!”

Wing Knight arrives and slashes Strike. Strike grabs Wing Knight’s Sword and bends it in half and kicks Wing Knight to the ground next to Torque. Strike: “Ah, Venting two Riders!” Wing Knight goes to summon his Attack Vent but Strike grabs Wing Knight’s Advent Card and rips it in half, “I don’t think so, Batman” and knees Wing Knight in the stomach. Torque goes to fire at Strike but Strike dodges the blast and fires acid at Torque using his hands and summons Venosnaker. Dragon Knight arrives and summons Dragreder. Dragreder and Venosnaker battle. Dragon Knight sneaks behind Strike and puts him in a choke hold and tells Torque to fire. Torque fires his Magnu Visor and makes Strike fall to his knees. Strike is hurt and leaves. “Another day…Kamen Riders.”

Chris is riding his motorcycle and thinks back when he was on the side of “good”

Flashback (Chap3) Sting arrives at the Dimension! DK09: "Another Rider?" Blade: "It's Kamen Rider Sting!" Sting takes out his Escape Card: "Get close to me guys!" The Riders run over to Sting and surround him! The Riders escape the Trap Dimension and so do the Dimensions! CHiCA: “We are free!” The Dimensions arrive as well. Sting: "C'mon Riders! Let’s finish these Monsters!”

Chris stops at a stop light and thinks back to when he was recruited by Xaviax:

Chris was going to join the marines but failed the physical fitness test to become a marine when Slater arrived and told Chris that if Chris manages to do something for him then he will give him a spot in the marines and hands him an Advent Deck. Chris takes it and asks Slater what he needs to do. Slater laughs, “Let me tell you” and walks through a mirror. Chris hesitantly follows Slater through the mirror.

Onyx is on top of a mountain where he is close to the where the mission is. CHiCA and Huy arrive at the same location. Onyx: “Well, look who woke up!” CHiCA and Huy transform and battle Onyx. Onyx uses his Sword Vent and slashes them to the ground. Onyx goes to Vent them but the three of them fall through a sinkhole. Onyx, CHiCA and Dragon-Fist are battle each other underground. Onyx summons his Black Dragon and fires a fireball at them. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist go flying backwards breaking the wall and are on the surface again. Onyx kicks CHiCA and Dragon-Fist and the two go rolling down a snow covered mountain. Onyx laughs and runs to the top. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist run up the mountain again after Onyx.

Michelle arrives at the “Gramercy Heights Times” Office and tells a receptionist that she has a meeting with the owner of the company. Michelle walks into the office where a man asks her what he can do for her. Michelle tells the man that she has exclusive details on the disappearances in Gramercy Heights. The man tells her to prove it. Michelle pulls out her cell phone and plays the man a recording of Kit’s conversation. The man smirks with his eye’s widened and makes a phone call, “Hello…FBI?”

Kit returns to the bookstore where Maya is at the cash register and asks Kit how his battle went. Kit nods his head and says that it went fine. Two men are watching the store from inside a car. Maya tells Kit that she is ordering Chinese food and wants to know if he wants to stick around. Kit smirks, “Like a date?” Maya blushes, “I was kind of hoping...” Kit tells Maya that it’s a date. Maya and Kit smile at each other.

The Chinese food arrives at the Bookstore. The two men in the car are watching Maya with binoculars and see her go in the back room with Kit. The two men get out of the car and head towards the bookstore. Kit is telling Maya about the Kamen Riders when they hear the bell ring on the door. Maya and Kit walk into the front room when Kit tells the men that they are closed. A man pulls out a gun, “Give me all the money! Now! And no one will get hurt, ok?” Kit and Maya put their hands up half way and start backing away.

Kit runs to the cash register and hits the silent alarm underneath the register. The other man pulls out a bag and Kit dumps all the money in. The Cops arrive and surround the bookstore. The Cops demand that the two thieves surrender or there will be serious consequences! JTC arrives at the scene and looks over things. Len and Drew are riding their motorcycles too and see all the commotion. Len asks a Police Officer on what’s going on. The Cop tells Len that he isn’t sure but believes that there’s an armed robbery and hostages inside. Len whispers to Drew that Kit works at the Bookstore and might be inside. Drew nervously calls Kit on his Rider Phone to see if Kit’s alright.

Kit’s Rider Phone rings. The thief tells Kit that he better not answer! A Panic stricken Maya tells them that the Cops are here and that they should run out the back door. The thief tells her that it’s too late. Kit goes to pull out his Advent Deck but knocks over a vase, causing it to smash. The thief gets spooked and fires his gun and shoots Kit by accident. Maya screams in horror. The Cops, Len, Drew, and JTC hear the gunshot. Len’s eyes grow wide. Inside the store, the thief says that it was an accident. Maya runs over to Kit, trying to stop the bleeding with a towel. The two men take the money and run out the back door when the Cops bust open the door and run inside.

Maya tells them that Kit was shot in the shoulder. Len and Drew run into the store. Len runs over to Kit and grabs his hand and tells him that it’s gunna be ok. The EMT says that Kit is going into shock and they need to get him to the hospital right away. Maya begins to cry. Drew is too shocked to do anything. The EMT’s put Kit on a stretcher and take him to the hospital. Maya goes in the ambulance with Kit when JTC sees Maya and clutches his heart, “Maya…” The two thieves are in an alleyway where Xaviax pulls them into a mirror making them drop the money.

The next day, Kit is in the hospital bed sleeping where he has a dream: Kit and Len are running through the streets of Earth when the ground begins to shake. 12 hands come out of the ground, trying to surface. Kit wakes up startled. Michelle enters Kit’s room with Government Officials. “Arrest him…Now!” Kit asks them what’s going on?

JTC is in the park holding a picture of Maya and puts a red circle around her face with a marker, “You won’t get away from me…this time.”

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Xaviax recruits new Riders. Kit is arrested because of Michelle. JTC goes after Maya.

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