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 Chapter 20 - Exposure of the UnKamen
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 20 - Exposure of the UnKamen Part 1

Kit works at a Bookstore called “Graces Books” when he is not busy protecting Earth. Kit walks into the bookstore where Maya Young, his co-worker and friend, is in the back writing on her Paranormal Blog. Maya is investigating the mysterious disappearances that are occurring in Gramercy Heights. Maya sees Kit and runs over to hug him. “Kit, where have you been?” Kit tells Maya that he’s been busy and asks Maya how her investigation is going. Maya tells him that it’s not going so well and that she can’t find anything. Kit tells Maya to keep trying when a customer walks into the store and Kit and Maya go to help.

Richie is thrown in a jail cell and tells the police that he didn’t do anything! The Cop explains to Richie that Richie took hostages and robbed a bank. Xaviax appears through a mirror and tells Richie to use his Advent Deck and escape. Richie pulls out his Advent Deck and transforms into Incisor and uses his Strike Vent and cuts the bars off. Incisor kicks down the metal door and escapes which causes the alarm to go off. Xaviax is laughing wildly watching Incisor escape. The Cops pull out their guns and start shooting at Incisor. Incisor uses his Guard Vent and blocks the bullets and runs out.

The Cops get in their cars and go searching for Richie. Kit and Maya are working when they see Cop Cars with sirens speed by. Kit runs to the back and turns on the TV where there’s a breaking news alert. It says that a mysterious alien is on the loose and shows helicopter footage. Kit: “Hey that’s Inc-” Maya looks at him strangely. Maya runs to her computer and starts blogging and tells Kit that maybe aliens are responsible for the mysterious disappearances. Maya grabs her camera and starts to run off and tells Kit that she’s going to take pictures of the “alien” and post them online. Kit tries to stop her and tells her that’s not such a good idea but Maya takes off anyways.

Incisor is looking for a mirror to escape into when Cop Cars surround him. The Cops have their guns pointed at Incisor and are ready to fire. “Stop right there!” Incisor decides to use a police car window to escape, “No one tells me to stop!” Incisor runs towards the Cops. The Cops fire their guns and Incisor blocks the bullets with his Scissors Visor and jumps into the windshield and disappears. Maya arrives at the scene but is too late. The Cops are in amazement and start looking around their cars for Incisor. The Police Chief slams his hand on his car, “He’s gone!”

Incisor makes it into Xaviax’s lair but Xaviax is not pleased. Xaviax grabs Incisor and lifts him into the air and tells him that he better be quicker next time when he’s running from the law and throws him across the room. Incisor gets up tells Xaviax that he will and leaves through a mirror. Len is riding his motorcycle in Ventara and hears the battle sound when Incisor steps in front of his motorcycle. Len transforms into Wing Knight and kicks Incisor to the ground. Wing Knight asks Incisor what Xaviax offered him. Incisor says that if he takes out him and Dragon Knight, he’ll be allowed to commit all the crimes that he wants and never get arrested! Wing Knight tells him that that’s a lie and that once Xaviax uses him, he’ll be Vented! Incisor tells Wing Knight that he’s lying and slices him in the chest with his Strike Vent. Wing Knight is laying on the floor holding his chest, panting.

Kit is stocking books and hears the battle sound. Kit runs into the backroom and holds out his Advent Deck and transforms into Dragon Knight. Maya comes back and sees Dragon Knight walk through a mirror and takes a picture. Maya: “Kit?” Dragon Knight uses his Drag Cycle and rides to the scene.

Incisor: “One down, one to go!” Incisor pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card. Wing Knight pleads Incisor to stop. Dragon Knight arrives and kicks Incisor in the back making him roll to the ground. Wing Knight and Dragon Knight double team Incisor and slash him with their Sword Vents. Incisor strikes Dragon Knight in the back, injuring him. Wing Knight runs over to Dragon Knight but Incisor gets in his way. Incisor and Wing Knight summon their Final Vent. Wing Knight falls to the ground and Dragon Knight runs over to him. Incisor starts laughing, “Your next Dragon boy!” Incisor summons his Attack Vent but disintegrates. Wing Knight gets back up, “Looks like your crime spree has ended!” Xaviax is watching and angrily storms off.

Kit returns to the bookstore when Maya confronts him “You’re one of them!” Kit is confused and asks Maya what she’s talking about. Maya shows Kit the image that she captured on her camera before Kit entered Ventara. Maya: “Care to explain, Kit?”

Kit tells Maya that she’s known him for almost a year and he’s not an alien. Maya tells Kit that it all makes sense, “You haven’t been coming to work lately, haven’t been answering your phone! You’re to busy capturing humans for some evil plan of yours!” Kit tells her that he’s not an alien and tells her that she needs to forget about what she saw! Maya tells Kit that she can’t, she’s already called her boss, Michelle Wash, who runs her blog and told her about Kit. Kit tells Maya that she shouldn’t have done that. Kit goes to leave but Michelle comes into the room. “Going some where…alien?”

Chapter 20 - Exposure of the UnKamen Part 2

Michelle walks around Kit in circles, examining him and tells Maya that Kit doesn’t look like an alien. Maya tells Michelle that Kit has a transformation device. Kit impatiently tells them that he’s not an alien. Kit hears a battle sound. “Look, just let me explain, but you two must swear that you can’t tell anyone. If people know about what I am, it might get in the way of saving Earth.” Kit sees Michelle secretly pull out a tape-recorder. Kit takes the tape-recorder and smashes it. Michelle: “Hey! I paid good money for that!” Kit angrily tells her that he isn’t playing around and tells them to sit down.

Kit tells them, “There is an evil alien named Xaviax who is power hungry and imprisons other planets and now he’s out for Earth and he is the reason for the missing disappearances. Xaviax dwells in his own dimension in this huge lair and he convinces every day people from Earth to become Kamen Riders to Vent me and my friends. He has his monsters capture people to power up machines that will eventually suck everyone from Earth and enslave them, rebuilding his home planet. Me and my friends, Len and Drew, are going around saving people and are trying to defeat Xaviax and his Riders.” Kit sighs and continues, “But you can’t tell anyone about this, it could jeopardize Earth”. Kit hears the battle sound again. Kit tells the two that he isn’t lying and they can’t tell anyone and steps through the mirror. Michelle’s eyes widen.

Michelle pulls out a tape-recorder and re-plays it for Maya. Maya stands up quickly in shock, “Michelle! What are you doing?” Michelle tells Maya that a professional always brings back up and once she releases this to the media, her career will sky rocket! Maya asks Michelle about her career. “I did after all, give you the tip on Kit.” Michelle tells Maya that once she becomes a huge reporter, Maya can get coffee for her, “Tough break kid!” Michelle is outside where Maya stops her. Michelle grunts and asks Maya, “What is it now?” A Monster comes from a mirror and grabs Michelle and pulls her in. A horrified Maya, picks up the tape-recorder that Michelle dropped.

Xaviax is going through the files of the people that he captured when JTC arrives, “I am so bored!” Xaviax tells JTC that maybe he should take up a hobby. JTC says that he would rather Vent Drew! Xaviax sighs and tells JTC that he can stop his whining and that he has permission. JTC pulls out his Advent Deck and walks through the mirror.

Kit arrives in Ventara and transforms into Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight sees a young man being dragged away by a Monster. Dragon Knight kicks the monster and the monster goes flying into a tree. Dragon Knight sees another Monster drag away Michelle. Dragon Knight uses his Sword Vent and slashes the Monster. The Monster grabs the Sword and slashes Dragon Knight with it. Dragon Knight rolls to the ground and summons his Strike Vent and the monster is toasted! Dragon Knight goes to save Michelle but Chris steps from behind a tree and tells Dragon Knight, “That it’s time to finish this!” and transforms. Sting and Dragon Knight battle.

Sting pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card. A Minion shoots Green Slime at the Advent Card and pulls it out of Sting’s hand. Dragon Knight says that they can work together and defeat the Minion. Sting tells him just this once and once this newt is fried, they’re enemies again! Dragon Knight summons his Strike Vent and Sting summons his Copy Vent and defeat the Minion. Dragon Knight tells Sting that they make a good team and tells him that he could join the side of good and they made a good team before Chris betrayed them. Sting tells him he can’t, his deal with Xaviax is solid and he can’tgo against him. Dragon Knight tells Sting that he thought he was better than that and leaves. Sting punches the wall and storms off.

Drew is walking home where Strike comes from behind. Drew feels like he’s being watched and turns around but sees no one there. Drew continues walking when boxes fall down. Drew turns around and holds out his Advent Deck but again, sees no one there. Drew turns around and sees Strike, “Scared Drew? You should be. Because today’s the day that you’re gunna get Vented again!” Drew tells Strike, “Not this time” and transforms into Torque. Torque summons his Launch Vent and fires at Strike. Strike uses his Scepter and Sword Vent and uses the two as Nunchucks and blocks the hits. Torque uses his Magnu-Visor and blasts Strike into a wall. Torque summons Magnugiga. Strike gets up and kicks Torque and Magnugiga to the ground which severely hurts Torque. Torque begins wheezing and coughing when Strike summons Venosnaker, “You’re finished, Lansing! Now say goodnight!”

Kit returns to Graces Bookstore and asks Maya if he can come in without the government catching him. Maya laughs and tells Kit that the coast is clear. Maya plays Kit the recording of his talk. Kit becomes mad, “How could you!” Maya interrupts him and gives Kit the tape, “Keep it, burn it, smash it. Your secret is safe with me.” Kit laughs and smashes the tape with his foot. Maya tells Kit under one condition: Only if Kit tells her everything about the Kamen Riders. Kit tells her deal and tells Maya that he saw Michelle being dragged away by a monster. “I couldn’t save her.” Maya tells Kit that Michelle being captured is a good thing, “You won’t have to worry about your secret.” Kit agrees with her. Kit and Maya laugh but happen to look into each others eyes. A customer walks in and Maya runs off to help.

In alleyway, a woman is lying on the ground, unconscious. The woman is Michelle!

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: CHiCA and Dragon-Fist are losing against Onyx. There’s a robbery at Grace’s Bookstore.

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