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 Chapter 1 - Race into Space
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Dedicated to Huy (Kamen Rider Dragon-Fist)!

Chapter 1 - Race into Space

Xaviax laughs, “Thought I was gone didn’t you?” CHiCA, Huy, Adam and Eubulon run up behind the others. Xaviax chuckles, “Hello, Master.” Eubulon’s nostrils flare, “Xaviax! You’re back? That’s impossible.” Dragon Knight tells Eubulon, “Not for long!” and pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card. Xaviax screams in pain and collapses to the ground and begins to electrify, “NO! I’m. still. weak!” Xaviax stumbles up, “When my. powers return. to normal, I’ll be back!” and fades away. The Riders power down, “And we’ll be ready!” Len smiles, “C’mon. We got a wedding to go to.” Kase laughs and the 7 run off.


At KamenConnection, Eubulon is monitoring the Earth when Kamen Riders CHiCA, Dragon-Fist and kc1000 stumble in. Eubulon runs over to them, “What happened? Are you OK?” The three power down and are all bruised and bloody. CHiCA tells them that they were ambushed by Monsters, “There were too many of them.” Huy tells him, “This is the 200th attack in just 1 week!” Eubulon agrees, “Every since Xaviax has been gone, we’ve been getting a lot of attacks on Earth, Ryuki and Ventara.” Adam asks Eubulon if he thinks Xaviax is behind the attacks. Eubulon tells Adam, “No, Xaviax hasn’t been seen in 6 months, he still must be energizing.” Len and Kase contact Eubulon on the monitor. Eubulon sees Ryuki is trashed in the background, “What happened?” Len tells them that Ryuki was attacked by monsters, “There’s too many monsters to defeat, Master. We almost didn’t survive this battle.”

Eubulon meets with the Leaders of Ryuki, Ventara and Earth. Eubulon tells him that there is a huge spike in Monster attacks. The four go over the damage report on their planets. Eubulon tells them that his Kamen Riders have been battling the Monsters but there are too many of them for his Riders to Vent. Eubulon: “If the Advent Void gets over capacity, it will crack and the Monsters will return.” Earth Leader: “Well you have a school filled with eligible candidates. Why not pick new and capable Kamen Riders?” Eubulon tells him, “My Kamen Riders have passed impossible tests that no one can complete. I have complete faith in them.” Ryuki Leader: “It’s not fair, Earth has 4 Kamen Riders and WE only have Siren and Wing Knight!” Eubulon tells him that his Kamen Riders protect all 3 worlds! The four of them fight when the Ventara Leader stops them, “Enough! Before Xaviax attacked Ventara, our entire planet was going to go into space to find a world where there is no evil! Our spacecraft is huge, perhaps all 3 worlds can live together.” Earth Leader: “You want Earth’s entire population to leave and enter space? 3 billion of us!” Ryuki Leader: “No. People can stay if they want to. We cannot force them. But our spacecraft is big enough for everyone.” The Leaders start negotiating, “Fine. We’ll make the announcement to our people today.”

In KamenConnection Kit, Len, Kase, CHiCA, Huy and Adam have a meeting when Eubulon tells them about the spacecraft. Kit: “I say we go.” The others look at him, “Kit, you’re serious? You want to leave Earth behind along with Ryuki and Ventara?” Kit sighs, “A world of peace and harmony. Isn’t that what everyone wants? We can get that if we go into space in the space colony. We can finally be with our friends and family, no more Kamen Riders.” Kit looks at Kase, “When was the last time you and Mike had some free time?” Kase looks down, “We never even had a honeymoon.” The Riders begin talking when Xaviax is spying on them through a mirror, “Space, huh? Interesting.” The Riders agree, “OK. So when do we leave?”


Maya, Michelle and Trent board one of the shuttles that takes them to space. Trent is so excited, “We’re going into space! How awesome is that!” Michelle laughs, “You just love space.” Maya looks around for Kit, “Where is he?” Michelle laughs, “He’ll be here.” Maya smiles, “Me and Kit finally get to have some free time. We never get to do anything since he’s always battling Monsters.” The shuttle takes off and heads into space towards the space colony. The three look out the window, “WOW! Look at it! It’s a city inside a spaceship!” Michelle is confused, “Is that the new world?” An attendant laughs, “No. The spaceship is going to take us to the new world.”

In KamenConnection the Riders and all the students are boarding shuttles to go into the space colony. Xaviax is in space with his own spaceship and is spying on the Riders, “HA! These Riders and their pathetic plans!” Eubulon looks at KamenConnection one last time and heads towards the shuttle. Xaviax tells his Minions, “HIT THE LASERS!” The lasers start firing at KamenConnection. Eubulon tells the students to run into the shuttles, “GO! HURRY!” The students run quickly into the shuttles. The shuttles take off with the students inside. Monsters arrive at KamenConnection and begin attacking it. The Riders run over to Eubulon, “C’mon. We have to leave! The space colony’s door closes in 20 minutes. The last shuttle for KamenConnection leaves in 2 minutes!” Eubulon sighs, “But this is my home!” Kase reminds Eubulon, “Was your home! C’mon. The new world is waiting for us.” Eubulon clenches his fists and charges at the Monsters and battles them. The Monsters run towards the Riders. Kit: “What do ya say? One last time?” The Riders run towards the Monsters. The last shuttle takes off into space without the Riders. Len kicks a monster in the gut, “THE SHUTTLE!” More Monsters charge at the Riders. Eubulon pulls out a remote, “I knew this would come in handy!” A huge spaceship flies out of KamenConnection and blows up the Monsters with its lasers. The Riders laugh, “Sweet ship!” Eubulon laughs, “This is the Advent Ship. Now let’s go.” The Riders enter the Advent Ship. As the Advent Ship is taking off, Xaviax screams, “FIRE AGAIN!” The lasers blow up KamenConnection. The Riders cover their eyes from the blinding fire. Eubulon looks out the window with tears in his eyes, “Goodbye KamenConnection.” Xaviax roars, “CURSES! They survived! They’ll be heading to the colony. Set course to the space colony! NOW!”

CHiCA: “Do you think the attack was Xaviax?” Eubulon nods, “He’s back. I can feel it. His powers seem so much stronger!” Kase tells the others that Maya, Trent, Michelle, Mike and Slater made it to the colony. Xaviax sees the Advent Ship head towards the colony. Xaviax laughs, “I got you right where I want you!” Xaviax blasts at the Advent Ship. The Riders stumble over. Kase tells them that there is another spaceship firing at them. Eubulon looks at the monitor, “XAVIAX!” Kit asks Eubulon how he can tell. Len hits Kit in the back of the head, “It’s a giant head of Xaviax!” Kit rubs his head, “That hurt.” Xaviax screams, “FIRE AGAIN!” Adam tells them that their engines are damaged!” Eubulon turns the ship around and aims towards Xaviax’s ship, “FIRE THE MAIN LASERS!” CHiCA nods and hits the button. The Advent Ship fires all it’s power towards Xaviax’s ship. Xaviax screams, “NO! Abort! Abort!” Xaviax and some of his Minions abort the space ship. Xaviax’s spaceship blows up into a million pieces. The Riders cover their eyes. Len asks Eubulon if Xaviax is gone. Eubulon tells them that he thinks so. Huy screams, “2 minutes before the doors to the colony close!” Eubulon laughs, “OK! OK!” Eubulon turns the ship around and speeds towards the colony causing the Riders to fall over. Eubulon laughs, “I should have told you to hold on to something.” CHiCA is angry, “Ya think?”

Xaviax and some of his Minions are stranded on a planet. Xaviax is smoking and hurt and is crawling across the floor, “Help. Me. Please!” when someone steps on his hand, “Xaviax! You’re alive?” Xaviax is shocked, “Abyss!” Abyss laughs, “That’s Abyss. THE NEW RULER OF THE UNIVERSE!” Xaviax screams, “NO!” Abyss laughs, “Goodbye Xaviax!” Abyss grabs Xaviax and puts his hand through Xaviax and absorbs all his energy and powers. Xaviax screams in pain and explodes. Abyss laughs, “And I’ll start with that space colony!”

The Riders enter the space colony. Eubulon docks the Advent Ship in the shuttle garage. The Riders explore the city where they see Maya with Trent, Michelle, Mike and Slater. Kit and Maya kiss, “You made it! I was getting worried!” Kit laughs, “Well for now on, it’s just you and me. No more distractions.” Kase and Mike overhear the conversation, “And that goes for you and me too.” Eubulon tells the others that he is going to check on the KamenConenction students and inform them. The Commander of the Space Colony (Kase and Len’s father) makes an announcement over the loud speaker that extends across the Colony:

“Welcome to Earthara. I am Commander Drake. In just 112 days, we’ll be in the new world. A planet just like your home planets but with no evil. The greenest grass you’ve ever seen, the bluest water you’ve ever tasted, the brownest dirt you’ve ever felt, the clearest air you’ve ever inhaled is all waiting for us in the new world! Let us look out for each other and show love, compassion and empathy towards one another.”

Everyone in Earthara cheers and hugs one another when lightning strikes. People look around, confused. Kit points up to the sky, “Look!” Kase is confused, “Is that a spaceship shaped like a shark?” Eubulon arrives, “All students are accounted for. What are you guys looking at?” Lightning strikes again. Abyss lands on top of a building, “Hello Earthara! I’m Abyss! I am the Ruler of your Destruction!” Eubulon whispers to himself, “He’s alive?” Abyss snaps his fingers and Shark Minions start attacking the colony. People start running for cover. The Riders sigh, “Back to work!” The 7 Riders hold out their Advent Decks, “Kamen Rider!”

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