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 Chapter 1 - Finding Kamen Rider Blade2010
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 1 - Finding Kamen Rider Blade2010: Part 1

We are the Kamen Riders who protect and defend Ventura and Earth. No one knows about us or our parallel world, nor will they ever will. We must defeat General Xaviax, an evil alien who is out to take over Earth. Recently, we have seen a new mysterious Rider, Kamen Rider Blade. Our sources told us that he has been captured by Xaviax…

DK09 and CHiCA hold out their Advent Decks "Kamen Rider!" DK09 pulls out his Scan Advent Card. “Scan Vent!” DK09: Follow my lead”. CHiCA: “I'll watch your back”. DK09 tells CHiCA that Minions are up ahead. CHiCA and DK09 use their Clear Vent and become invisible. DK09 and CHiCA make it inside Xaviax’s lair. DK09 begins scanning for Blade again.

CHiCA whispers “Got anything yet?” DK09: “I think so.” DK09’s Scan Vent leads the two to an experiment chamber. DK09: "The signal is coming from inside the lab" All of a sudden, DK09 senses something and turns around. “CHiCA! Watch Out!” CHiCA screams in fear. Kamen Rider Strike moves in to strike CHiCA. DK09 uses Guard Vent blocking the hit. DK09: “Let’s finish him!” CHiCA uses her Strike Vent and strikes Strike. DK09 summons his Attack Vent and uses his Dragon. Venosnaker is summoned! Venosnaker uses its acid and blasts DK09's Dragon. CHiCA summons her Lion Advent Beast. Venosnaker blasts Lioneo. Venosnaker blasts acid at DK09 but DK09 manages to dodge it. DK09 and CHiCA use Clear Vent to escape. Strike: "Hide while you can, You two will never stop Xaviax! Blade is now fully evil and will Vent you all!"

DK09 tells CHiCA there is another way to get to where Blade is being held. CHiCA falls in pain. DK09: CHiCA are you alright?” CHiCA tells DK09 that her shoulder hurts. DK09 tells CHiCA that they need to get Blade to heal her! CHiCA tells DK09 that they need to be careful now that Strike knows they are here.

A Dolphin Advent Beast strikes DK09 and CHiCA. Kamen Rider Aqua enters. DK09 tells CHiCA to use her Clear Vent. DK09 summons his Sword Vent and attacks Aqua. Aqua uses her Sword Vent and strikes DK09 to the ground. Aqua pulls out her Final Vent and is ready to finish off DK09. CHiCA uses her Strike Vent and knocks Dolphinator out of the way! CHiCA uses her Final Vent and Vents Kamen Rider Aqua. CHiCA: “w00t!” DK09: “C'mon we need to find Blade to heal you!” CHiCA and DK09 walk away. Strike appears and collects some of Aqua's robotic parts.

CHiCA sees something. “Hey what's that?” It’s too dark to tell so DK09 uses Bright Vent! They see a door at the end of a tunnel! DK09 uses his Scan Vent and it shows that Blade2010 is on the other side! CHiCA runs over to the door but the door is locked. CHiCA and DK09 are struck to ground by Kamen Rider Knife! CHiCA attacks Knife from behind while DK09 attacks Knife with his Sword Vent! Knife attempts to hit DK09 but misses. CHiCA: “Nice Reflexes!” Knife uses his Knife Vent and strikes CHiCA on her hurt shoulder. DK09: “I'll handle him! Final Vent!” Knife uses Clear Vent and gets away.

CHiCA tells DK09 to use his Sword Vent to unlock the door. DK09 slashes the doorknob off the door with his Sword. CHiCA and DK09 find Blade strapped to a chair! CHiCA: “Oh my gosh. What have they done?” For some reason Blade becomes enraged and breaks the metal chair straps. Blade uses his Blade Vent. Blade: “I know you two! You are the ones I need to take down for Xaviax!" Blade uses his Blade Vent and sends CHiCA flying to the wall and falls unconscious!

DK09 uses his Sword Vent. DK09 and Blade battle each other! Blade throws DK09 into a window breaking it. Blade uses his "Blind Vent" The Blind Vent blinds DK09 for 10 seconds. Blade slashes DK09 into a wall right where CHiCA has fallen. DK09 takes one of CHiCA's Advent Cards and uses them. Sword Vent + Sword Vent = Saber Vent! DK09 finds the device that is controlling Blade. It’s on his neck. DK09 slashes the device and Blade falls to the ground. Blade: "What happened?" DK09 tells Blade that he was controlled by Xaviax and that he and CHiCA came here to save him. DK09: “I need you to use your Heal Vent to help her!” Blade: ''You two saved my life! Of course I will help her" "Heal Vent!" CHiCA is now cured!

CHiCA: “Blade? Is that you?” CHiCA gets up and hugs Blade thanking him for saving her. DK09 tells Blade and CHiCA that they need to leave. Strike, Knife, and Xaviax could be anywhere! Xaviax enters the lab. Xaviax: "Going somewhere? Kamen Riders?" Xaviax fires at the three. Blade tells DK09 and CHiCA to stay down. Blade: “This is my fight!" DK09 and CHiCA step aside. Xaviax summons his minions. Blade summons his Blade Vent and fights the minions.

Xaviax attacks CHiCA and DK09. A portal opens, Rider kc1000 arrives and helps CHiCA and DK09 fight Xaviax. kc1000: “Let’s Vent these fools!” DK09, CHiCA, kc1000 battle Xaviax. DK09 slashes Xaviax in the chest. CHiCA uses Clear Vent. Xaviax is lifted off the ground by an invisible CHiCA. DK09 and kc1000 summon their Attack Vent but Blade jumps in!

Blade: "I told you! This is MY fight! I will Vent Xaviax!" CHiCA: “But we want to help!” Blade tells them they can help by staying out of his way! Strike enters the lab. Strike: ''Don't worry they will be too busy fighting my newest creation!" Kamen Rider Aqua enters the room with new and improved upgrades! Aqua summons her Dolphinator. The Riders jump out of the way. The dolphin pins DK09 against the wall, making him unconscious. Xaviax grabs Blade and throws him across the room. Kamen Rider Knife enters. kc1000 and CHiCA need to fight Aqua, Knife, and Strike. DK09 lies on the ground. CHiCA uses her Sword Vent. Knife grabs her Sword and it get stuck on the wall

Blade runs over to DK09. "Heal Vent" DK09 is cured. Xaviax attacks Blade. DK09 attacks Aqua, kc1000 attacks Strike and CHiCA attacks Knife. kc1000 uses Strike Vent and knocks Strike to the ground! Venosnaker is summoned. Its acid strikes kc1000 but he dodges it. The acid blasts away the wall. Knife, Aqua, Strike and Xaviax blast the Riders outside. Xaviax summons more minions. The Riders summon their Advent Beasts. All four Final Vents destroy all the minions Venosnaker, Dolphinator, and Saw-Shark charge at them. CHiCA uses her Strike Vent but Saw-Shark knocks CHiCA's Strike Vent aside. The Riders use their Clear Vent to fool the Dark Riders and Xaviax. They try to sneak behind the Dark Riders, but Aqua's upgrades can see the Riders that are invisible!

Aqua uses her Dolphin Sword and strikes the Riders to ground. Strike, Aqua, and Knife are ready to finish the Riders. Aqua uses water from a nearby fountain to flood the area. The water forms a tidal wave washing the Riders off the cliff into the sea! kc1000 and DK09 get washed up on a beach. CHiCA tries to stay above the water but goes down. Blade saves her and brings her on the beach. DK09: “C'mon lets just go, it’s not safe here.”

At Xaviax's lair, Xaviax's monitor shows that the Riders survived. Xaviax sends minions to bring the Riders to him so he can Vent them for good! At the beach, the minions arrive. The Minions fire at the Riders and the Riders fall to the ground and capture them. The minions bring them to Xaviax. Xaviax ties the Riders up and plans to use their Rider Energy to finish his project of world domination. Xaviax's machine starts up. Blade breaks free and slashes Xaviax and the Dark Riders. The machine begins sucking CHiCA's Rider Energy! Minions hold Blade down so he can’t save the other Riders!

Chapter 1 - Finding Kamen Rider Blade2010: Part 2

Blade uses his Blind Vent and blinds everyone. Blade destroys the machine and frees the Riders! CHiCA falls to the ground. Blade finds CHiCA's Energy in a container. He combines the Energy and Heal Vent and heals CHiCA! Xaviax: “This is the last straw! I summon a Rider War!” Strike uses his Attack Vent. Venosnaker uses his acid and blasts the Riders through the wall on the same cliff as before. CHiCA summons her Advent Lion. Aqua summons Dolphinator and Knife summons Saw-Shark. DK09 summons his Dragon, kc1000 summons his Jaguar, and Blade summons his Bull. The Advent Beasts attack Advent Beasts and Riders attack Riders.

Xaviax has a blaster which is locked on to fire at Blade. Venosnaker bites Lioneo and gets weakened. CHiCA: “LIONEO!” Xaviax fires at Blade. CHiCA sees Xaviax’s blast. "Guard Vent!" and blocks the hit sending her flying off the cliff. CHiCA is slipping off the cliff! The other Riders can’t get to her. Lioneo flies over to CHiCA and lifts her up. Venosnaker goes after CHiCA again but Lioneo takes the hit.

Xaviax blasts at Blade with his blaster again, but Blade dodges all hits and throws his Blade at Xaviax! The Blade knocks the blaster from Xaviax's hand. CHiCA grabs the blaster and throws it over the cliff. Xaviax strikes CHiCA! DK09 goes to help her but Knife gets in his way! DK09 summons his Dragon. “Final Vent!” DK09 Vents Kamen Rider Knife! Knife begins to ''disintegrate'' Strike attacks kc100 and Blade.

Knife and his Advent Beast are sent to the Advent Void. Knife's robotic Advent Deck falls to the ground. CHiCA throws the Deck into the Ocean. At the bottom of the sea, Xaviax's blaster and Knife's Advent Deck combine and form a Blaster- Creature. The Blaster-Creature attacks the Riders and blasts them off the cliff. CHiCA manages to hold on to the edge and holds DK09's hand. kc1000: “Hang on Riders!” CHiCA uses her strength to pull them back onto the cliff! CHiCA uses her Lioneo and is ready to Vent to the Monster! “Final Vent!” The Monster is Vented.

DK09 takes Knife's Advent Deck, Xaviax, Strike and Aqua decide to combine powers! They fire but another Rider appears! The Rider deflects the blast and the Villains are blasted backwards. The Rider is Kamen Rider Torque. Blade goes over to thank him but Torque kicks Blade and slashes the others. Xaviax: "Another Rider! Come work for me, Xaviax!" Torque: "I work for no one! All I know is I will be the only Rider standing! I am the sole protector of the Kamen Riders. No one can be trusted, so you all must be Vented!” Torque fires with his Magnu Visor. Someone grabs the laser blast and throws it back at Torque! Eubulon steps forward, "Actually I am the sole protector of the Kamen Riders!"

CHiCA: “Eubulon? It's you?” Aqua steps forward, "I don’t care if you’re Protector of the Universe! You're going down!” Aqua summons Dolphinator "Final Vent" CHiCA stands up and takes the hit for Eubulon and is Vented! Eubulon uses "Reverse Vent!" It rewinds CHiCA from being Vented. Eubulon uses Time Vent! Eubulon uses his Final Vent and Vents Aqua! Aqua's Robotic Advent Deck falls to the ground. Eubulon picks up the Deck and uses it to transform into Aqua! Once a Rider is Vented, Eubulon has the power to transform into that Rider with their Deck. Torque says that he is tired of watching this pathetic fight and uses his Final Vent to Vent everyone! Magnugiga is summoned! Aqua uses Dolphinator and knocks Magnugiga out of the way! Torque escapes! "We'll meet again. Next time I’ll finish you all off!"

Eubulon powers down from "Aqua Form" Eubulon, kc1000, Blade, CHiCA, and DK09 regroup. Xaviax leaves and tells Strike to finish them! Strike: "My pleasure, General". Strike summons 1000 minions! The Riders battle the minions! Strike Vent! DK09 takes on some minions! CHiCA manages to push the minions off the cliff. kc1000 takes on minions as well and uses his Strike Vent. Blade and Eubulon battle Strike! CHiCA and DK09 do a double slash and destroy 500 minions! Minions help Strike battle Eubulon and Blade. Blade destroys 200 more with his Final Vent! CHiCA and DK09 do Final Vent and destroy 300 minions.

Eubulon uses his "Aqua Form" Strike summons Venosnaker. Aqua uses a tidal wave and washes Strike and Venosnaker off a cliff! Eubulon powers down. “They are gone… for now” Blade starts to leave. Eubulon does "Reverse Vent!" and stops Blade. Eubulon asks Blade where he is going. Blade: “It looks like Xaviax is defeated for... now. And when he captures someone else, I'll be there to stop him!” CHiCA: “But we want to know more about you!” Eubulon explains he knows every Kamen Rider but has never met him before. Blade: “Here, come with me, it's not safe here" Blade takes them to the beach.

Blade: “The reason why Eubulon doesn’t know who I am is because I am not a "true" Kamen Rider. I was once human and was captured by Xaviax. Xaviax saw my potential and decided to "promote" me and turned me into a robot, bent on destruction to Vent every Rider out there. Since I am also part human, my free will broke away from Xaviax's "control" I tried to Vent him, but I failed. I got so nervous, that I ran away. So now it is Xaviax’s sworn destiny to Vent Me.”

CHiCA: Maybe he planned to do this to us, I was kidnapped and DK09 was getting his powers drained until he could escape!” Blade: “You’re exactly correct. He wanted you to become Dark Riders so you can Vent me! But he saw that wasn’t possible so he re-captured me. Xaviax has become more advanced in technology, so that mind device that DK09 slashed off of me is so powerful, no human can break free.”

CHiCA: “We have to warn the other Riders!” Suddenly, Strike comes out of the water, "I over-heard your entire conversation! Blade2010 is nothing but a lair!

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