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 Chapter 18 - Strike the Enemy
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

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Chapter 18 - Strike the Enemy

Drew’s motorcycle is on fire but Drew managed to jump off in time. Strike summons his Sword Vent. “I thought that might have ended you!” Drew tells Strike that he can’t keep a good Rider down and transforms into Torque.

Torque blasts at Strike who uses his Sword to block the hits. Strike tells Torque that he’s gunna pay for betraying him! Torque says that he’s doing what is right. Strike tells Torque that he is just using the other Riders. Torque kicks Strike in the chest and runs into an abandoned warehouse and Strike is close on his trail.

Thrust, Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and Sting battle in a warehouse. Torque is running through the warehouse but Strike is firing acid after him. Dragon Knight: “Hey it’s Torque!” Torque kicks Strike near the other Riders and sees his chance to Vent all of them! Wing Knight: “What are you doing?” Torque Final Vents all 5 Riders and leaves.

Thrust tries to get up but Strike grabs him by the throat and picks him up, “I don’t know what Xaviax saw in you!” and kicks Thrust. Thrust tells him that all he wants is his life back! Wing Knight tells Thrust that he can get his life back but all he needs to do is join their side. Thrust tells him that he’s obligated to Vent them! Strike tells them that he is tired of this talk and summons his Final Vent and Vents Thrust. Strike laughs and tells them that he’ll deal with them later but first he needs to Vent Torque! The Knight’s run after Strike but Sting gets in their way and battles the Knights.

Strike is looking for Torque but Xaviax pulls him into a mirror. Xaviax tells him that he Vented Thrust and that wasn’t the plan. Strike tells Xaviax that Thrust was to convincible and that the others would convert him! Xaviax laughs. Strike: “You have another Rider don’t you?” Xaviax holds out the Incisor Advent Deck. Xaviax tells Strike that he needs a break, “You’ll Vent Torque another day!”

Sting uses his Swing Vent and grabs Wing Knight and throws him into boxes. Dragon Knight kicks Sting into a pillar and Sting is hurt. Sting starts coughing and says that he’ll be back and leaves. Wing Knight: “Great, Sting escaped from the Void and is after us.” Dragon Knight: “C’mon let’s find Torque. I want to talk to that guy” The two run after Torque.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Xaviax does the unthinkable. Dragon Knight encounters a new Rider.

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