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 Chapter 17 - In It to Wing It
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

*Dedicated to Co-Creator, CHiCA Kosaka*

Chapter 17 - In It to Wing It

Kit transforms into Dragon Knight and rides into action in Ventara. Dragon Knight sees a Zebra Monster in a construction site. Dragon Knight: “Xaviax sure does love his Zebras!” and summons his Strike Vent. The Monster lands on top of a crane and jumps down striking Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight uses his Final Vent and Vents the monster. Thrust arrives, “Let’s finish this!” Dragon Knight: “You’re alive?” Thrust uses his Strike Vent and attacks Dragon Knight.

Xaviax is watching the battle and is furious, “Something needs to be done with this disobedient fool!” Thrust strikes Dragon Knight in the chest. Dragon Knight goes to summon his Attack Vent but Thrust grabs his wrist. Torque arrives and blasts at Thrust with his Shoot Vent. Thrust tells them that he’ll be back for them and Wing Knight.

On the other side of Ventara, a Shark Monster is capturing a woman. Len arrives and transforms into Wing Knight and battles the monster. The monster escapes but Wing Knight runs after it. Brad is confronted by North. North tells Brad that he told him to go after Wing Knight, not Dragon or Torque. Brad tells North that it’s time that he takes matters into his own hands. North tells Brad that he can’t do that, since they made a deal. North reminds him of the day that they first met…

Brad was a top notch motocross winner. There was a race to determine who the best racer was and Brad was chosen. Brad was up against another top-notch racer who had the same reputation as Brad. But 2 minutes into the race, Brad’s opponent’s motorcycle went out of control and crashed which gave Brad an automatic win. Later that day, Brad went to collect his trophy and money. The man who was in charge of the race refused to give him his winnings, instead he showed him a video. The video showed a man wearing Brad’s jacket with BARRET written on it, loosening screws from the handle on the opponent’s motorcycle. The man tells Brad once word spreads around, he’ll never race again. Brad tells him that he didn’t do it but the man says that the video does not lie. Brad is furious and leaves when North arrives and tells Brad that he needs to talk to him and shows him the same video but reveals a different man. Brad tells North that he set him up! North tells him that he did but if Brad does something for him, he’ll give him the video and he can get his career back and tells him that he needs him to take out two people for him and if Brad does that, then his life will return back to normal and hands Brad an Advent Deck with a Rhino Symbol.

North shows Brad the video again and tells him that he better do what he tells him and transforms into Xaviax and tells him, “Vent or Be Vented!” Brad is horrified and runs off to find Len. Xaviax contacts Chris that it’s time for his big debut against the Riders.

Wing Knight is running after the Shark Monster but is stopped by Thrust. Thrust uses his Strike Vent and strikes Wing Knight into a wall. The Monster gets away. Wing Knight summons his Sword Vent. Dragon Knight arrives and goes to help Wing Knight but is struck by Sting. Dragon Knight: “Chris?” Wing Knight: “How did he get out?” Sting: “Miss me, DK09?” Kit tells him that it’s Dragon Knight now and punches Sting.

Drew senses the battle and rides into Ventara on his motorcycle. Strike is on his Rider Cycle and blasts at Drew causing Drew’s cycle to go out of control. Drew’s motorcycle crashes and explodes!

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Torque makes his move on all the Riders. Someone gets Vented.

Catch an ALL NEW Chapter this Saturday, September 5th, 2009 on KamenConnection!

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