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 Chapter 16 - Breaking the Void
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 16 - Breaking the Void

Dragon Knight asks the new Rider who he is. The Rider says that he’s Kamen Rider Thrust and slashes Dragon Knight. Thrust goes to finish him with his Strike Vent but Dragon Knight uses his Guard Vent and blocks the hit. Thrust and Dragon Knight summon their Attack Vents. Dragreder fires a fireball at Metalgelas and Metalgelas explodes. Thrust tells Dragon Knight that he better tell his friend, Wing Knight, that he’s looking for him and leaves.

CHiCA and Huy wake up and contact Len about the ambush. Len asks them if they know what attacked them. CHiCA tells Len that it was a Black Dragon. Len says that it must be Onyx and gets worried because Xaviax knows their plan. Huy says that Onyx took the map. CHiCA asks Len if they should return to base. Len tells her no and that he’s giving them the coordinates on their Rider Phones and tells them to hurry before it’s too late.

JTC surrounds the Rider, “Unbelievable! He managed to escape from the Void.” The Rider says that he escaped when Torque blasted a hole in the Advent Void.

Kit returns to the base all bruised. Len runs over to Kit and asks him what happened. Kit: “A new Rider, that’s what happened. He said that he was looking for you.” Kit tells Len that this Rider is strong. Len asks Kit if he thinks that the Rider is working for Xaviax. Kit tells Len that it seems like it. Len grabs his jacket and starts to leave. Kit runs after him, asking him where he’s going. Len tells him that he’s going to find this new Rider.

The Rider is Kamen Rider Sting. Xaviax starts laughing and shakes hands with Sting, “Welcome back.” JTC isn’t happy about this newest addition to the team. Brad calls Xaviax (North). Xaviax tells JTC to keep track on the Riders while he talks to his pawn. Len is on his motorcycle riding through the streets looking for Thrust.

North arrives at the location where Brad told him to come and asks Brad what’s troubling him. Brad tells him that he wants out of this war and that he just wants his life back. North tells him that he can’t do that. “We made a deal! You’re fighting for me. When you Vent Wing and Dragon Knight, then your life is yours again!” JTC picks up traces of Len and contacts North. North tells Brad that his sources told him that Wing Knight is close by. Brad hops on his motorcycle and goes after him. North transforms into Xaviax and follows Brad through the mirrors.

Len is riding his motorcycle when Brad cuts in front him. Brad: “Looking for me?” Len tells Brad that he wants to finish him. Brad and Len pull out their Advent Decks and transform into Riders. Wing Knight summons his Sword Vent and Thrust summons his Strike Vent and strikes Wing Knight into a car. Wing Knight summons his Nasty Vent and Thrust covers his ears. Xaviax is watching through a mirror. Thrust grabs Wing Knight by the arm and swings him into a window, shattering it. Thrust summons his Final Vent but Dragon Knight arrives on Dragreder and kicks Thrust to the ground.

Wing and Dragon Knight summon their Sword Vents and battle Thrust. Thrust kicks them to the ground and summons his Final Vent. Attack Vent. Torque arrives and uses his Final Vent on Thrust. Torque runs over to the Knights and asks them if they are alright. Wing Knight tells Torque hesitantly, “You saved us? Thank you.” Torque says that he’s serious about helping them bring down Xaviax and it’s not a scheme. The three Riders power down. As the three start to walk away, Drew smirks and shakes his head.

Xaviax is at his lair and is furious. SuperRider arrives but Xaviax blasts at him, destroying him! Robotics fly everywhere. JTC comes in and asks what’s wrong? Xaviax tells JTC that Torque ruined his plan and tells him that it’s time to Vent that traitor!

Thrust gets out of the wreckage and de-transforms, “Ugh! I was so close! Torque is gunna pay! They’re all gunna pay! It’s time that I make my own rules in this war!”

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: North and Brad argue. Drew gets in a deadly motorcycle crash because of JTC.

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