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 Chapter 12 - Sound the Siren
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 12 - Sound the Siren

Kit gets ready to go to Xaviax’s lair and starts to follow Drew when Len stops him “Are you stupid? This would be the perfect trap!” Kit says that Drew is their only hope to rescue Kase. Len grabs Drew, “Not so fast.” Len pulls out an old chair with a computer strapped to it and has Drew sit down. Kit asks what is that thing? Len tells him that it’s a truth chair. “The people on my home planet used this chair to see if someone is a traitor or not” Kit tells Len that it would help if they had this when Blade and Sting were around. Len hooks Drew’s arm to a strap and begins scanning.

JTC enters Xaviax’s lair, “Home sweet Home” Grant enters the base and Hubbard is mad, “What happened? You were supposed to Vent Wing Knight. Not attack Torque and Dragon!” Grant tells Hubbard that they got in his way and that next time Wing Knight will be Vented! Grant leaves and JTC is confused, “Hubbard? What game are you running here?” Hubbard transforms into Xaviax, “Enjoyment! It get’s boring just capturing civilians!” JTC laughs and says that he might like this little game of his.

The test is over and Drew proves to be innocent. Drew: “See I told you! Now c’mon, your friend might not have a lot of time!” Len is still hesitant. The three transform into Riders. The three ride off into another dimension in their Advent Cycles. They enter at the foot of Xaviax’s lair. Torque tells them that there is a way to get around the guards. Xaviax’s monitor goes off showing intruders that entered the surrounding areas. JTC asks Xaviax if he should stop the intruders. Xaviax tells him no and that Camo will finish them off.

The three Riders sneak around the back entry where there is a portal and the three enter. Dragon Knight pulls out his Scan Vent and begins scanning for Kase. Dragon Knight tells them that Kase is being held in the north section of the lair. Torque says he knows where that is and tells them to follow but they are hit by Camo. “Well, well, well. I finally get to meet the man I am supposed to bring down!” Wing Knight tells Camo to bring it. Torque and Dragon Knight sneak away to find Kase. Xaviax and Strike are watching Wing Knight battle Camo but send Dimensions after Torque and Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knight and Torque find Kase’s holding cell. Dragon Knight: “Kase!” Kase runs to the door, “Kit! Torque?” Dragon Knight tells her that they are here to bust her out of here. The Dimensions arrive and attack the two of them. Torque tells Dragon Knight that he’ll handle the Dimensions. Dragon Knight goes to bust Kase out but Xaviax arrives.

Camo uses his “Hold Vent” and swings Wing Knight into the wall. Wing Knight uses his Sword Vent and slices the Hold Vent and kicks Camo into the wall. Camo tells Wing Knight that Hubbard was right and that Wing Knight is strong. Wing Knight asks who Hubbard is but Camo summons his Attack Vent. Biogreeza’s tongue grabs onto Wing Knight.

Xaviax slashes Dragon Knight to the ground and opens the cell and grabs Kase, “You’re gunna have to try a lot harder to rescue her!” Xaviax blasts at the ground and Xaviax and Kase are gone. Torque does his Final Vent and Vents the Dimensions. Torque asks Dragon Knight if he got Kase, but Dragon Knight tells him that Xaviax took her and got away. Torque tells Dragon that they need to help Wing Knight with Camo. Wing Knight slices Biogreeza’s tongue and uses his Nasty Vent. Camo starts to scream and falls backwards into a mirror. Torque and Dragon Knight arrive and tell Wing Knight what happened. Wing Knight wants to go and look for Kase. Torque says that they need to leave. Dragon Knight grabs Wing Knight and the three get on their Advent Cycles and head back to base.

Xaviax throws Kase to the floor in the main lair and tells JTC to send her into the work room, “I’ll find a way to deal with her later!” JTC hauls Kase away. Xaviax’s monitor goes off and shows Onyx is contacting him, “Any word Onyx?” Onyx tells Xaviax that he is following Kamen Rider CHiCA and Dragon-Fist’s trail but nothing yet. Xaviax tells Onyx to keep him updated!

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