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 Chapter 11 - Recruitment
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 11 - Recruitment

JTC asks Drew how he managed to get out of the Void. Drew laughs and waves his Advent Deck in his face. JTC grabs Drew’s arm and tells him that they have some planning to do. Drew pulls away and tells him that he is joining the other Riders. Drew tells JTC that he is not going to get Vented anymore and that he has a new strategy on being the last Rider standing. Drew: “With Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and their alliance on my side, no way would I ever get Vented again. I’m protected for life!” JTC tells Drew that he is making a big mistake double-crossing him. JTC: “You better watch your back Lansing!” JTC leaves through a mirror.

A man named Grant is in an abandoned warehouse participating in a boxing tournament. Grant is losing to his opponent. Slater is watching the fight with the crowd surrounding them. Grant sees that he is losing the fight and decides to cheat, since he hates losing. Grant pulls a small screwdriver out of his pocket and sticks it in his boxing glove. Grant strikes his opponent in the chest and the opponent falls down. The entire crowd is shocked and surround the hurt man. Grant pulls out the screwdriver and shows everyone. “Looks like I win!” The crowd is disappointed in him and leave, all except Slater. Slater reveals himself as a man named Hubbard. Hubbard asks Grant if he can talk to him for a second. Hubbard pulls out the Chameleon Advent Deck, “Come with me, I have a proposition for you that you might be interested in.”

Len and Kit run into the base and start calling Kase’s name but there is no answer. Len runs over to the monitor and pulls up the fight that just took place. They both see Kase being pulled in by minions. Kit: “So Xaviax has her!” Len pounds his fist on the table. Kit tells Len that they have to find her. Len screams that they cant, they don’t know where Xaviax’s lair is! Len says that Kase is gone. Xaviax is going to Vent her unless he already did! Kit tells Len, “Don’t say that! We’ll rescue her and all the people from Earth, Ventura, and your home planet.” Len storms off and says that he is going for a ride. As Len leaves, Drew arrives. “I need to talk to you!”

Hubbard and Grant enter Xaviax’s base. Xaviax shows footage of Wing Knight and tells him that this is the guy that he needs to take out. Grant says that Wing Knight doesn’t look tough. Grant asks Hubbard what this has to do with him. Hubbard tells Grant that if he takes out Wing Knight, then Grant will be the best fighter on both worlds! Grant smirks and takes the Advent Deck and leaves to find Len. Hubbard transforms into Xaviax, “This game of mine is gunna be fun!"

Kit asks Drew how he managed to get out of the Void. Drew tells him that it wasn’t easy and that he wants to join their side. Kit laughs and tells Drew to get out before he gets Vented again. Drew tells Kit that he has finally seen the brighter side of the spectrum and that he realizes that what he did with Strike was wrong. Kit thinks that it’s a trap. The monitor goes off showing new Rider energy. Drew tells Kit that he’ll prove it to him. Kit: “Fine, but once we get back, there’s a whole lot more of questions to ask you!”

Drew and Kit run to the location of where the Rider Energy is and run into Grant. Grant asks who they are and tells them that he is the one that is going to Vent Wing Knight. Kit tells him that Len is his friend and that he’s not Venting anybody! Grant pulls out his Advent Deck and so do the other two and transform into Kamen Riders. Dragon Knight uses his Sword Vent and Torque uses his Magnu-Visor and blasts at Camo. Camo dodges the blasts and jump kicks the two to the ground. “I’m after Wing Knight, not you!” Camo runs off. Dragon Knight and Torque run after him. Camo runs into a dead end and is cornered by Torque and Dragon Knight. Torque goes to blast at Camo but Camo uses his Clear Vent and gets away.

Xaviax is shocked that Torque managed to escape the Advent Void. SuperRider tells Xaviax that the minions captured someone interesting. Xaviax goes into the work room where all his prisoners are being held. The Minions bring Kase. Kase: “Get your hands off of me!” Xaviax transforms into Slater, “Ah welcome home, sis!” Slater tells the Minions to take Kase into a holding cell. Xaviax grabs Kase’s Advent Deck. Kase is dragged away.

Later that night, JTC is walking around Ventura all alone when Xaviax arrives. Xaviax tells JTC that Wrath is Vented and that Drew is on the other side and asks JTC what he is going to do now. JTC tells Xaviax that he is out of the war. “If you came here to Vent me, then go ahead! I can’t win this battle alone!” Xaviax tells JTC that he’s not here to Vent him. He’s here to offer him his old job back, “I need you in my army!” JTC is desperate and accepts, “Yes, yes I will be your right hand man again.”

Len is back at the base scanning through old location files searching for Xaviax’s lair when Kit and Drew walk in. Len sees that Drew is there, “What the-? Drew! You brought Drew into the base? Wasn’t he - what?” Kit tells Len that Drew managed to escape from the Void and now wants to help them fight Xaviax. Kit asks Len if he found anything on Kase or Xaviax’s lair’s location. Len tells Kit that he hasn’t. Drew: “You guys looking to get into Xaviax’s lair?” Drew tells them that he was there once. He and Strike snuck in to steal an Advent Deck. “I can get you in the lair. The battle with Xaviax can finally be over.”

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection: Drew, Kit, and Len sneak into Xaviax's lair and try to rescue Kase but things dont go so well when they run into Xaviax and Camo!

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