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 Chapter 10 - Collision Course Part 2
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 10 - Collision Course Part 2

Abyss tells Eubulon that he will never ever join the side of good. Eubulon tells Abyss that he can’t wait to see the force field rip him to pieces and fades away. Kit’s hand slips from the bench and all the Riders begin to slip closer to the edge. The Riders scream when Eubulon arrives and helps them. The Riders smile, “Eubulon!” Eubulon nods and waves his hand in the air. The Riders Advent Decks and Daggers begin to piece together and the Riders are back in their Rider Form. Abyss is still falling when Earthara enters the force field. The power of the force field rips Abyss into pieces. Abyss screams and turns into the dust and Earthara enters the new world. Earthara flies above the people and crashes and explodes in the jungle. People scream and cover their eyes and duck to the ground. Commander Drake yells, “NOOOO!” Slater begins to tear when all of a sudden the Riders land in front of them while riding their Advent Beasts (Torque is on Evildiver with Sting.) The people begin to cheer and run over to the Riders. The Riders step back and de-armor. Commander Drake smiles and nods at his children who smile back at him. The Riders hug the people when Eubulon arrives in human form. The Riders turn around and see him, “MASTER!” Eubulon smiles, “The power of the force field must have restored me back to my normal self.” The Riders tear and hug Eubulon when Commander Drake steps forward, “And Abyss?” Eubulon tells everyone that Abyss is gone, “My brother is gone forever.” Janet runs over, “Is that my Kasey and Lenny?!?” Kase and Len look at each other with a nervous look on their face.

Michelle wakes up and sees Maya looking over her and gets up, “Why are you staring at me?”
Trent tells Michelle to be nice, “Maya saved you from under the rubble. You’d still be under there if she hadn’t seen you.”
Michelle looks at Maya, “Thanks but that still doesn’t change my opinion of you.” Michelle hobbles up, “Take me to the hospital tent?” Trent nods and helps Michelle walk to the hospital. Maya looks for Mike and stumbles off.

The KamenConnection Army try to haul Janet away but Kase stops them, “NO! I’d like to have some alone time with my mother. It’s fine, I’ll watch her.” Len tells Janet that he’ll see her later and walks off with the other Riders.
Janet smiles, “I’m so proud of you my shining bright star!”
Kase begins to tear, “Thanks mom.”
Janet wipes away her tears, “I heard that you were in space fighting that nasty man and I tried to save you, so I took a shuttle.”
Kase’s eyes open up wide, “WHAT!”
Janet laughs, “But I lost control and crashed! I think I killed a person or ten.”
Kase smacks her forehead, “Mom, you need help!”
Janet stomps her feet and tells Kase that she’s fine and that she doesn’t understand why everyone keeps telling her that she’s crazy.
Some of the KamenConnection Army tell Kase that they need to take her away now.
Janet screams, “NO! NO! I won’t GO! I am talking to my DAUGHTER!”
Kase cries, “MOM! Just do what they say. I’ll see you soon.”
Janet tells the KamenConnection Army, “My daughter and my sons are stars! You should give them all medals! Wait, Kase, there’s something I need to tell you about Mike and-” but Janet is hauled away.
Kase cries when Michelle sees her and hobbles over to her, “KASE! I’m so sorry!” Michelle hugs Kase and tells her, “I’m so sorry that Mike and Maya did that to you and Kit.”
Kase is confused, “What?”
Michelle gets startled, “You didn’t know? I thought your mother told you! Maya accidently confided with your mother on the shuttle.”
Kase gets mad, “Tell me what!” when Kit walks over, “Michelle, have you seen Maya?” Kase tells Kit to shut up and tells Michelle to talk.
Michelle tells the two that Mike and Maya had an affair, “Trent and I walked in on them. I knew about it for awhile, but I didn’t know whether or not to tell you.”
Kase and Kit storm off leaving Trent and Michelle behind. Len sees them and asks them what’s wrong. Kit and Kase walk past him and run off to look for Maya and Mike.

Maya finds Mike sitting on a log reading a book. Maya while holding her stomach, tells Mike that she needs to talk to him. Mike tells Maya that he doesn’t have time for her and that he was just leaving to find Kase. Maya tells Mike that there was a shuttle crash and that she thinks she lost the baby.
Mike drops the book and runs over to Maya, “Are you alright! We need to take you to the hospital tent.”
Maya tells Mike that she wants to find Kit first. Mike grabs Maya’s hand, “Your health is more important.” when Kase and Kit see them holding hands.
Maya pushes Mike away when Kase tells Maya to save it, “Michelle told us everything.”
Kit charges at Mike and starts to pound on him when Maya and Kase separate the two. Kit screams, “You bastard!”
Mike wipes blood off his mouth and tells Kase that he’s sorry for what he did. Maya tells Kit that she’s sorry too. Kase tells Mike that once everyone settles into the new world, “I’m filing for a divorce.”
Kit steps in and tells Maya, “How could you do this to me! I gave you a second chance, and then you do this?”
Maya tears, “I’m so sorry! Kit, it’s just that you were never around and - ” Maya collapses to the ground.
Kase laughs, “Look at her! Looking for sympathy!”
Kit angrily tells Maya, “You should still be rotting in a cell along with JTC.”
Mike tells them to shut up and that Maya was pregnant!
Kit is startled, “Was?” Mike tells them that Janet crashed a shuttle where Maya was standing and pieces of it landed on top of her, and landed on her stomach.
Kit begins to tear, “Was I - ?”
Maya tells Kit that she doesn’t know and she never will.
Mike takes Maya to the hospital but before leaving, “I wish I could take back what I did, Kase. I’m so sorry for what I did to you and Kit and how I betrayed you. I hope that we can still be friends after all of this and I completely understand if you never want to talk to me again.” and lifts Maya up and carries her to the hospital tent.
Kase punches a tree and messes up her hand, “DAMN IT!” Kit holds her hand, “C’mon, we need to ice it.” Kase looks into Kit’s eyes, “We need to talk.”

At night, everyone is saying goodbye to Chris who must return back to Earth. Kit tells Chris, “Tell my mom and dad that I said hello.” Chris nods, “Will do.” Chris hugs the Riders and shakes hands with the Commander and hops into a shuttle. The shuttle speeds off and everyone salutes the shuttle. Commander Drake tells everyone, “After losing 8 people due to a shuttle crash, I say that we celebrate our new world but also keep in mind the ones that we lost.”
Everyone nods and walks off to different tents to have a big party. CHiCA is walking alone when Mark comes up from behind and grabs her hand. CHiCA and Mark smile and walk off holding hands.

In the hospital tent, Maya is sleeping with Mike by her side when someone walks inside, “HOW DARE YOU!” Mike is startled, “JANET!” Maya wakes up and is startled too.
Janet is holding a pillow, “You HURT my BABY GIRL!”
Mike tells Janet that it was a mistake.
Janet laughs, “Even as a little boy, I knew you were a rotten egg! And do you know what people must do with rotten eggs?”
Mike shakes his head, “No.” Janet laughs, “YOU CRUSH THEM!” and puts a pillow over Mike’s face.
Mike tries to get Janet off him when Maya screams, “JANET, NO!”
Maya goes to help Mike but collapses in pain. Mike is trying to hold off Janet but nothing is working.
Maya screams for help while on the floor, “SOMEONE! PLEASE HELP!”

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